How to Write Seductive Sales Emails: A 5-Step Method [SlideShare]



Wouldn't it be nice if your prospecting emails got a 100% response rate? If they were so intriguing, compelling, and valuable that prospects couldn't wait to book a meeting with you?

Unfortunately, the only thing most sales emails compel buyers to do is hit the "delete" button. And this prompts reps to treat sales like a pure numbers game -- the more emails sent, the better the chance of getting a reply from someone.

But this strategy creates a vicious cycle. The more uncustomized, spammy sales emails sent to buyers' inboxes, the more willing prospects are to hit "delete" without even reading.

Instead of treating leads like names on a list and giving them reason to mistrust salespeople, let's break the cycle. Let's start treating our buyers like people, and commit to writing the ultra-personalized sales emails they deserve.  

To write sales emails that forge real relationships and drive responses, ask yourself the five questions laid out in the following SlideShare from Henneke at Enchanting MarketingOnce you pledge to stop the mass email barrage, seductive sales copy becomes a whole lot easier to produce.

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