Breaking the Blueprint

A blog series that dives into the unique business challenges and opportunities of underrepresented business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Breaking the Blueprint pieces discuss various topics that help entrepreneurs capitalize on their skills, grow their businesses, and learn from other entrepreneurs. 

This page is your guide to all Breaking the Blueprint content and will be updated when new pieces come out. Discover the top viewed posts, or use the table of contents below to find the resources you need.

Funding & Resources

aapi entrepreneur 550x350

Advice and Resources for AAPI Business Owners, from AAPI Business Owners

By: Jenay Zhyrov


Resources for Indigenous Entrepreneurs: Start on the Right Foot

By: Chesley Oxendine

grants for black women entrepreneurs

11 Grants for Black Women

By: Brianna Rhodes

funding resources for black-owned businesses

37 Funding Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

By: Kassandra Mendes


BTB Featured image 598x398 (1)-1

5 Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

By: Gus Alexiou

networking tips for lgbtq+ entrepreneurs at events and conferences

8 Networking Tips for LGBTQ+ Professionals at Conferences and Events

By: Emily Starbuck Gerson

networking platforms for Black entrepreneurs

7 Networking Platforms for Black Entrepreneurs

By: Latesha Byrd


starting a minority owned business

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Minority-Owned Business [+ Expert Tips]

By: Michelai A Graham

effective email marketing strategies for black owned businesses

5 Successful Email Marketing Strategies for Black-Owned Businesses [+ Examples]

By: Michelai A Graham

social media strategies and resources for black owned businesses

13 Social Media Strategies & Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

By: Brianna Rhodes

effective marketing strategies and tips for black-owned businesses

11 Effective Marketing Strategies and Tips for Black-Owned Businesses

By: Brianna Rhodes

BTB Featured image 598x398 (8)

7 Marketing Tools for Black-Owned Businesses

By Latesha Byrd

ultimate guide for building a team for black-owned businesses

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Team for Black Business Owners

By Latesha Byrd

Professional Development & Mentorship

BTB Featured image 598x398 (4)

The 5 Best Cities for Black Entrepreneurs

By: Shanique Yates

events and conferences for lbgtq+ entrepreneurs

10 Events and Conferences for LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

By: Emily Starbuck Gerson

black influencers to follow and learn from

19 Black Influencers To Follow and Learn From

By: Flori Needle

educational podcasts for minority entrepreneurs

16 Educational Podcasts for Minority Entrepreneurs

By: Flori Needle