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    April 21, 2011 // 9:00 AM

    New Inbound Marketing Music Video!

    Written by | @

    SEO Rapper Screenshot

    Check out HubSpot's latest video, featuring The SEO Rapper . You've never seen inbound marketing like this before!


    Is the song stuck in your head? Download the .mp3 here and listen to it all day! (2.74MB)


    Verse 1:

    It's the SEO Rapper, you recognize the sound
    Puttin it down at HubSpot's compound
    Here to talk about marketing, inbound
    First step, make sure that you get found
    Don't use outbound like print and TV
    Cold calling, tradeshows, or worse the YP
    Throwing money at the wall to see how much sticks
    If that's your campaign then you might as well quit
    Keywords and SEO, that's how I get it in
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn
    You've gotta use social, don't forget local
    They might find you on a smart phone, going mobile
    Blogs and SEO and eBooks work fine
    Or viral YouTube videos, like mine
    I'm the truth like Paul Pierce in clutch time
    Build links to my site and watch my page rank climb


    Inbound marketing
    Who you targeting?
    You know what you've got to do
    It will work for you
    Inbound marketing, you should try it too!

    Verse 2:

    When they search and they find you, first step
    Then they see a CTA so, what's next?
    Contact forms capture lead information
    Respond quickly with no hesitation
    If you got what they need, then provide service
    I call that an inbound conversion
    And when they find you analyze how they did it
    Traffic sources and the keywords, analytics
    This not an expense, it's an investment
    This how your marketing dollars best spent
    If you're not doing this then, it's gon cost ya
    Cause outbound marketing is a toss up
    I put it down from H-Town to Boston
    The competition's tryna figure how I lost em
    That's easy, I gave it all that I got,
    SEO Rapper puttin it down for HubSpot!

    Hook Again


    The SEO Rapper: Charles Lewis ( @chuck )
    Singer: Rebecca Corliss ( @repcor )
    Outbound Boss: Jeanne Hopkins ( @jeannehopkins )
    Outbound Marketers: Andy Pitre, Matt Stein, Colleen Carney, Ellie Mirman
    Inbound Marketers: Eric Vreeland, Dedric Polite, Amanda Iglesias, David Wells
    Production & Direction & Editing: Hartley Brody ( @hartleybrody )
    Production & Camera Operator: Brad Bush ( @rad_ush )

    Creative Commons License

    Topics: SEO

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