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    December 20, 2011 // 11:30 AM

    Inbound Leads Cost 62% Less [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Written by Pamela Vaughan | @

    There's no question that we've drank the inbound marketing Kool-Aid over here at HubSpot. Actually, every morning, the marketing team takes a shot of it. So content -- especially infographics -- about the joys, benefits, and triumphs of inbound marketing over outbound marketing automatically gets a thumbs up from us, and this one is no different.

    The folks over at Volinsky Consulting recently produced the following infographic, titled the "Inbound Marketing Ecosystem," to highlight the reasons why inbound marketing is a critical strategy for marketers today.

    inbound marketing ecosystem 950px resized 600

    With a 62% reduction in lead cost, how could you even question the power of inbound marketing?


    Topics: Inbound Marketing

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