Email is dead. Social media is just fluff. This sort of sweeping statements have come up in the digital landscape. Let’s put them aside for a moment. What if we married email marketing and social media?

It is a great combination, says David Meerman Scott. Email and social media are two different platforms that compliment each other in an advantageous way for your marketing mix.

Email Is a Closed System

Email marketing is a closed system, David notes. The subscribers have to be on your list and you already know them. The content you offer to them doesn’t appear on the public Web. In that sense, email somewhat limits the potential of a message to spread.

Social Media Is An Open System

Social media, on the other hand, is an open system. Your blog, Twitter account or Facebook page are all places to reach people though the public Web. Anyone can read your blog post or find a tweet you posted. In that sense, social media increases your chances to spread a message.

Let the Two Systems Interact

The cross-mingling of the two platforms creates an interesting ecosystem. While a closed system, email remains a regular and consistent communication channel that nurtures your community and reminds them of who you are. While an open system, social media doesn’t guarantee your company will stay top of mind for your followers. That is why you need to combine both platforms and take advantage of their interplay.

How to Tie Them Together

First, make sure you are actively leveraging both channels. Do you have a newsletter or another type of email communication with your community? Are you blogging, posting tweets and updating your Facebook page?

Second, try to include social media links in your email communication. Make it easy for your recipients to tweet a message or start following you on Facebook.

Lastly, consider offering your newsletter as a blog post. In that way, you will make it part of the public Web, easily findable by anyone looking for the content you offer.

How do you incorporate social media in your email marketing?

Originally published Jun 27, 2011 11:15:00 AM, updated July 08 2013


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