Jeff Peters

Jeff Peters talks a lot. And he’s got a lot to say on the subject of social media. He boils it down to people having conversations online with two main themes — discovering and sharing. As a card-carrying member of the digital generation, he knows what tools are out there and how to use them. “It’s evolved from MySpace to emerging platforms like Pinterest and GetGlue,” he explains. “Figuring out how to leverage them to tell the kinds of brand stories that drive results is exciting.” In his last job, while helping manage the Flip Camera’s Facebook page (a following which he helped triple before its demise) he got fans to help other fans with tech support. Peters is a Social Media Specialist at The Halo Group, a New York based marketing communications and branding agency that brings experts in business, branding, advertising and public relations together to work as a single team. Founded in 1994,The Halo team works alongside a select group of international, national and regional clients, helping them with every experience that a customer has with their brand.

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