How do you motivate people to do better work?

Many managers will point to adding benefits and increasing salaries. Others will say that fostering stronger relationships between employees will increase their desire to produce better work. Some point to improving the skills of manager -- better bosses mean happier employees. 

Frederick Herzberg found that these factors all led to a lack of job dissatisfaction, not job satisfaction -- a key to motivating people. 

Instead, he found that motivating factors included achievement, recognition for that achievement, the ability to grow or advance the person's career, the work itself, and responsibility. 

Motivation has very little to do with corporate policies. It's a quality that oftentimes already exists in the person but has to be activated by a manager. You have to think of each individual and what he or she personally needs to direct their motivation to the right types of activites. 

Headway Capital created the below infographic to help managers leading diverse teams better understand how to motivate employees with different personality types. Check it out to learn how to tailor your coaching and management style to each person's needs. 


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Originally published Apr 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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