The internet can seem like a cruel place some days. Unkind comments and Twitter spats are common, and publications are known to use a person's most embarassing moment as a driver for clicks and views. 

But emojis have escaped being associated with this type of harsh language. The cartoons are inherently cute and fun. Emoji symbols might be confused or scared, but they do not translate well when communicating hate, irritation, or anger. 

According to Curalate, the most frequently shared emoji on Instagram is the red heart, which is shared 79% more than the next most popular symbol, a smiling face with heart eyes. A kiss-face emoji comes in third place, and the face with tears of joy takes fourth. When people are happy, laughing, excited, and elated, they turn to emojis to emphasize and promote those feelings online. 

Check out the top 100 emojis shared on Instagram, and consider how your brand can join the conversation by using the visual language of positivity. 




Originally published Jun 25, 2015 7:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017