New Stats on Search and B2B Marketing

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Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



A recent whitepaper on B2B search revealed some interesting statistics about B2B purchasers and how they search, which reveals a lot of really useful insights for B2B marketing.  A couple days ago I found a blog article on this topic and posted it on DailyHub next to a bunch of other interesting marketing and business articles.

Here are some of the stats I found particularly interesting in the whitepaper:

• Over 70% of B2B buyers use a search engine at the start of their purchasing process

• About 75% of B2B prospects click on the organic results

• Less than 19% of B2B buyers click on search ads

• 77% of B2B prospects prefer Google over any other search engine (see chart)

Key takeaways for B2B Marketing:

1) Your B2B company needs to be able to be found in search engines.  Over 70% of your prospects are looking for you there, right at the time when they are ready to buy, so this is probably more important than any other marketing activity for your company.

2) Make sure your B2B company is listed in the Google organic results for the right search keywords.  You can probably ignore the other search engines for B2B marketing purposes since Google has 77% marketshare for B2B purchasing.

3) Consider bidding on paid search terms in Google as well, but watch your ROI.  The organic results matter most, since the ads only get you access to 19% of B2B prospects.

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