Enhance Unique Product Data To Increase Visibility [Ecommerce]

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Billy MacDonald
Billy MacDonald



google Gaining new customers through organic search channels needs to be a main priority for any business looking to grow through inbound marketing, especially those who sell their products online. Other channels, such as pay-per-click or advertisements are an ongoing expense, meaning that every time your ad is displayed or click on you pay for it. Locking up tops spots in organic search results is an investment where clicks or impressions aren’t a direct cost, but something that can yield results over an extended period of times. Getting your products more visible in these areas can increase exposure and help reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

For eCommerce businesses, it can be very challenging to get your products noticed in highly competitive search engines and shopping engines. However, these search and shopping engines take notice of the little, seemingly irrelevant steps you can take to improve your visibility in these spaces.

Enhancing product data is often viewed as a tedious, boring task and gets minimal resources assigned to it. However we are beginning to see the traffic and new customer acquisition value that product data can bring to the table from UPC case studies on Google Product Search.
Here are three ways you enhancing your product data can lead to improved search engine optimization results.

Differentiating Your Products from Competitors

In many cases your store may be selling the same or similar products as numerous or even hundreds of competitors.  The unique data you provide about your products can help separate you from other distributors or re-sellers beyond price and other typical factors.

Enabling Search Engines

Unique product data enhances the understanding that the Internet has of your product, most importantly, search and shopping engines. It helps these businesses target users that are looking for your products. It increases the number of users that are sent to your products because it knows that a consumer will be more informed by your product information than from a competitor that copies word for word from the manufacturer. Your additional product data validates your expertise of that product and add personality your specific offering.

Grow Authority Through Your Blog

Unique product data is not limited to a product’s page. More importantly, what is beyond the page? Blogs that present in depth reviews that link back to the product page, customer reviews, and additional images all help validate the expertise you have of that product to customers and search engines.

Here are some actionable items you can start working on to enhance your visibility:

Look at your products with the most conversions. Can their product data be enhanced to drive even more customers to buy them?

Look at your products with the least conversions. Analyze why they’re not converting and if product data enhancements could lead to additional conversions?

Start small and create a routine where you update a manageable number of products each week or month.

To increase customer reviews, segment your customer list based on the product(s) they purchased and provide them with a link and incentive to submitting their own review.

Write blog articles that compare your products to competitors. Do proper keyword research beforehand to identify a target keyword that you can easily rank for. Remember to link to the product page you’re referencing in the article with keyword-rich anchor text.

Stay the Course

Product data enhancements don’t happen over night. Each takes time. There are companies that will write product data for you, but make sure they are versed and not simply writing words or on topics that you assign. Understanding of your SEO strategy and goals is essential to a well-crafted product data enhancement strategy.

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