repackaging content resized 600 It's tough to find the time (and people) to create new content from scratch. But before you make an effort to create new content, are you making the most out of your existing content? The fact is, there are always opportunities to leverage existing content for extended reach.

It’s often key to re-package existing content and distribute it on multiple platforms in order to make the most of it. To showcase how you could do that, below is an example from an offer we recently published.

Design the Initial Piece of Content

First, think about what offer you are going to produce. Is it a webinar, an ebook, a case study? Decide on a topic that you think will generate a lot of interest from your community.

For instance, we decided to create an ebook on a topic we knew our audience would love. We put together 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes , which 17,000 people have downloaded so far. After you put together the initial piece of content, try these three methods for re-packaging it to extend its reach and impact.

1. Always Blog About It

First thing's first: blog about it. Tell your blog subscribers about the new offer and explain to them why it's valuable to them. The post should be written in a conversational tone, encouraging readers to comment and start a discussion. Here is the blog post we put together to spread the word about our new ebook.

2. Publish on Multiple Platforms

Think about where else you can publish the offer. Do some research to determine what other sites are appropriate to feature your content. For instance, in addition to publishing it on our website, we also published the ebook as a PDF to SlideShare . This allowed us to leverage another channel and reach a different audience.

3. Re-Package in a Different Format

Now that your offer is available to prospects, how can you build on its success? This is a question you should constantly be asking yourself. Can you publish a series of blog posts based on your ebook chapters or specific date points presented within it? Can you remix the content in a way that’s appealing to the community?

Based on the ebook, for instance, we created a short video (embedded below) featuring some of the quotes. Because people prefer to consume content in different ways changing the content’s format can help you reach people who prefer different types of media — e.g. by watching a video rather than reading an eBook. The video we created is now up on YouTube and has become another long-term asset for spreading our message.

What other suggestions do you have for making the most of your existing content? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Originally published Jun 28, 2011 8:02:00 AM, updated July 11 2013


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