10 Signs Your SEO Firm Isn’t Worth the Money [Free Ebook]

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Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



SEO Snake Oil Search engines are a powerful driver of inbound marketing traffic and leads. While all marketers should have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy , they also need to be careful about who they partner with to execute this strategy. SEO isn't easy. It takes a significant amount of time dedicated to content creation and link building.

Too many companies spend money on SEO agencies that over-promise and under-deliver. In HubSpot's newest ebook , we examine the common signs of poor SEO agencies and consultants. SEO is too important to inbound marketing success to waste time and money working with a bad partner .

10 Signs Your SEO Firm Isn’t Worth the Money

Sign #1. Making Promises That Are Too Good to Be True

Sign #2. Using “Black Hat” SEO Techniques

Sign #3. Targeting the Wrong Keywords

Sign #4. Employing Shoddy Linking Schemes

Sign #5. Promising to List Your Site in Hundreds of Online Directories

Sign #6. Redesigning Your Site or Creating New Pages Without 301 Redirects

Sign #7. Focusing on Metadata Instead of On-Page SEO

Sign #8. Creating Bad Content

Sign #9. Driving Irrelevant Traffic

Sign #10. Offering a One-Time Fix With No Ongoing Maintenance

Be sure to download our new ebook for the full explanation of these 10 signs !

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