3 Creative Ways to Spread Content to People On the Go

unicorn, qr codeA couple of weeks ago at Dreamforce, HubSpot made quite the impression. We dressed in bright orange track suits, handed out thousands of unicorns, and performed individual website consultations for people using Website Grader. But at a conference with 42,000 attendees, it takes more than a great marketing strategy to reach people and make an impression. You have to provide ways to get them the information you want them to receive.

Here are three creative ways to get content in front of your audience when they're on the go.

1. Use QR Codes

QR codes are becoming more and more popular, especially at conferences. Because they have an element of mystery to them, people just can't resist whipping out their phones or iPads to scan a QR code and figure out where it leads. At Dreamforce, our presentations, signs, handouts, and even stuffed unicorns had QR codes that sent people to a landing page that provided information about our presence at the event as well as the opportunity to download some of our content; in this case, it was our new Marketing Fact vs. Fantasy ebook. Instead of making attendees ask where to find one of our presentations or booth locations, they could scan the QR code and immediately access the information whenever they needed it.

2. Create Foursquare Locations

The expo floor at Dreamforce was huge. There were thousands of people and hundreds of companies scrambling to get every passerby's attention. So how do your customers find you? How do the people who are really interested in your product or service locate you? Foursquare locations for our booths provided that information. By naming our location "HubSpot at Dreamforce" and including the location of our booths, anyone could easily find where we were located.

3. Spread Content on Twitter

Every presentation we had at Dreamforce had a hashtag to go with it. If you wanted to follow CEO Brian Halligan's presentation, you knew to follow #KillingIt. If you wanted to follow CMO Mike Volpe's presentation, you knew to follow #DeathbyMA. We also constantly tweeted updates from @HubSpot and @HubSpotUnicorn. These tweets informed everyone where to find HubSpot sessions, linked to blog posts that were being written live at Dreamforce, and even spurted out snippets of marketing facts and fantasies from the ebook we were promoting.

Marketing Takeaway

All of these strategies provided content to your audience in an easy and accessible way. People must be able to access a lot of information quickly when they're on the go. Don't make your audience work hard to get that information, especially at conferences and trade shows where there is often an overload of content. Standing out and providing a simple, straightforward message can do wonders when competing against millions of other messages.

How do you cut through the clutter to reach your mobile, on-the-go audience?