13 Awesome Headlines for Business Blogging Success

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



Blog content gets shared across all types of social channels. So for a blog post, the headline is its call-to-action. The headline determines how your content will be shared and spread more than the content of the post itself. 

Great headlines can take time. Personally, I've written dozens of headlines for an article before finally deciding on the one that made the final cut. To save you some time, we wanted to give you a jump-start on succeeding at this critical aspect of business blogging.

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13 Awesome Headlines for Business Blogging Success 

1. 5 Things You MUST Know About [Insert Business Topic]

2. A Guide to Understanding [Insert Business Topic]'s Recent Changes

3. Best Practices for [Insert Business Topic]

4. Learn How to Do More [Insert Business Topic] With Less

5. 6 [Insert Business Topic] Secrets Revealed

6. The Truth About [Insert Business Topic]

7. 7 Instant Improvements for [Insert Business Topic]

8. 101 Statistics About [Insert Business Topic]

9. 9 Amazing [Insert Business Topic] Videos

10. How to Be the Best [Insert Business Topic]

11. An Insider's Guide to [Insert Business Topic]

12. What the Experts Won't Tell You About [Insert Business Topic]

13. 10 Unexpected Ways to Rock At [Insert Business Topic]

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What is the best blog post headline you've ever written?

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