LinkedIn Launches Company Status Updates [How to Get Started]

Pamela Vaughan
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As we hinted at last week, we were awaiting LinkedIn's AdWeek announcement with bated breath this week. The announcement was just as we expected. Today, LinkedIn  launched Company Status Updates, enabling companies to broadcast messages to its company followers.

Now, LinkedIn users who 'follow' certain companies will be able to receive more information such as breaking company news, employee moves, job opportunities, or updates on products and services (including multimedia content) directly from those companies.

Consider LinkedIn's new Company Status Updates field as very similar to Facebook business page updates. Companies can share text and links to other content as well as multimedia content like videos and images.

How to Turn on LinkedIn Company Status Updates for Your Company Page

1. If you're an administrator, visit your Company Page on LinkedIn (e.g. for HubSpot:

2. Under "Admin Tools" on the right, click "Edit."

3. Under Company Page Admins, check "Designated Users Only." (Note: you must have this box checked in order to enable company status updates. If the "All employees with a valid email registered to the company domain" box is checked, the status update box will not appear.)

linkedin page admins

4. Once you designate admins under "Manage Admins," your Company Status Update box will appear!

manage linkedin admins resized 600 company updates resized 600

Company updates appear on followers' LinkedIn homepage as well as the Company's Page itself. In addition, LinkedIn users can 'Like,' comment on, and share a company's updates, a la Facebook. The following screenshot shows how a Company Status Update appears on a follower's LinkedIn homepage:

company follower homepage

Marketing Takeaway

This update is huge for marketers who use LinkedIn for marketing. As we mentioned last week, companies should make an effort to increase their following on LinkedIn to improve the reach of their LinkedIn updates.

If you haven't already, enable Company Status Updates using the steps above, and start spreading your messages on LinkedIn and generating more followers. Consider these steps to help jump-start your LinkedIn Company following.

To follow HubSpot's updates on LinkedIn, follow the HubSpot Company Page.

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