How to Boost LinkedIn Lead Gen With Targeted Company Pages

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target One of the most underutilized features of LinkedIn Company Pages is the ability to target your company's product page based on demographics such as job function, industry, and geographic location. In doing do, visitors to your company page will only get shown the products that are most relevant to them, increasing their chances of clicking on a link. Leveraging this feature will help you create a more targeted and thus, a more optimized experience for your page visitors. When used correctly, it's also an amazing way to convert your social media prospects into more qualified sales leads .

Smart marketers should set up their targeted LinkedIn Company Product Page variations as soon as possible. But don't worry -- it's simple! Here are 7 easy steps to create targeted LinkedIn Company Product Page variations for your business .

(Note: You'll need to add the products/services you want to feature to your products page prior to setting up your targeting options. To do so, click Add a product or service in the Admin tools dropdown menu in your Products tab.)

6 Simple Steps to Targeted LinkedIn Company Product Page Variations

Step 1: On your LinkedIn Company Page's Products tab, click the arrow next to the Admin tools button, and click Edit .

LinkedIn Targeting 1

Step 2: On the Products page, click the button that reads ' Create New Audience .'

LinkedIn Targeting 2

Step 3: Now it's time to build your audience. Name your target audience first, and then check off which targets best fit that specific audience under the categories Company Size , Job Function , Industry , Seniority , and Geography . Some of these categories can get even more granular as well, which is also a nice feature. For example, the Industry category can be targeted as broad as "Consumer Goods" or as specific as "Wines and Spirits." The Geography category can zone in as specific as greater metropolitan areas. 

LinkedIn Targeting 3

If you are unsure about how to target your specific products, one way to gain beneficial insights into potential LinkedIn audiences is via the Member Statistics feature available for all LinkedIn groups ( click here to learn how ).

Once you finish your targeting preferences, click ' Save and exit .'

Step 4: After you've finished selecting your targeting preferences, then it's time to tailor your message to that specific audience segment. Are these visitors small business owners from New York City? Or are they CEOs of mid-sized companies? Here, it's important to make sure that you craft a message that will intrigue members of this specific audience and address their particular needs. What wouldn't you be able to originally say on the DEFAULT audience tab because it would alienate other potential customers? Now is your chance to say it. In your messaging, show how your company's products and services can fulfill that specific audience's particular business needs.

LinkedIn Targeting 4

Step 5: After setting up the messaging for your target audience, choose the specific products and services that particular audience segment would be likely to convert on. Don't limit these to actual products and services, either. Think about featuring product demos or trials as well as offering ebooks you've written or webinars you've hosted. Are there any offers that you created to generate a specific type of lead? Here's a great place to promote it and extend the life of your more niche lead gen efforts! LinkedIn allows you to include up to 5 products/services on each targeted page variation. (Remember: As we mentioned earlier, you'll need to add these products/services to your products page prior to setting up your targeting options. To do so, click Add a product or service in the Admin tools dropdown menu in your Products tab.) LinkedIn Targeting 5

Step 6: Once you've finished setting up your targeting and product offers, you're all set! If you want to create a slightly altered version of your first targeted page, just click on Settings for that particular page (see Arrow A below), click Duplicate , and make whatever targeting changes you need for your next audience segment. Once you are done, click the  Publish button (see Arrow B below). Congratulations! You've just successfully completed setup for audience targeting on your LinkedIn Company Product Page!

LinkedIn Targeting 6

Step 7: Although it's somewhat difficult to measure your company product page's performance based on your individual targeting, you can measure the performance of your product offers overall. So for example, if you have a demo offer set up on your "DEFAULT" segment and your "Business Owners" segment, you can only measure performance of that demo offer across those two tabs combined. However, there is one workaround that you can implement. If you create banner "ads" on your page besides the standard dropdown box offers, you can add a tracking token to each image and measure how successfully those particular offers performed.

LinkedIn Targeting

Furthermore, you'll also want to use your marketing analytics tool to track the effect of your LinkedIn targeting on the referral traffic and leads you're generating from LinkedIn to your business' website. Do you notice an increase in visits and leads?

Setting up customize targeting for your LinkedIn Company Product Page is really easy to do. It's also a great way to optimize your social media presence to pump up your lead gen efforts on LinkedIn ! What are you waiting for? Start kicking butt on LinkedIn with targeted product page variations now!

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