HubSpot TV - Personal Branding During a Recession

Karen Rubin
Karen Rubin



HubSpot TV Episode #17 - November 26, 2008

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@JimLittlefield - @Hubspot  What are your thoughts about adding a twitter feed to our pages?

@inbounder - @HubSpot What is the biggest channel that impacts inbound leads according to you? Do other channels come close to Google?

@Kevin_Hignett - How can small companies with local sales territory use inbound marketing efficiently? (I sell a product that I am only allowed to sell locally, but I tweet and blog worldwide.)

@featherlady - Viral email. Whats the best way to harness and get control of publicity when someone sends your work out in email w/out your name, url, or initial knowledge and the thing goes global BIG time?


YouTubes Live online event gets 700,000 viewers

Facebook SPAM lawsuit for $873 Million

Social Network Ads Not So Clicklable

Tomb Raider's less than stellar ranking numbers brings out Edios review delay scheme

Motorola gets caught comment SPAMing

Managing your Brand Online

Marketing Tip of the Week

Think about managing your personal brand in advance!

Forum Fodder

Email marketing, is it declining? 



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