How a Kitchen Window Builds Trust Through Transparency

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Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



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Transparency is a powerful thing.  Especially in an industry where no one really trusts any of the vendors.

You know all the jokes about Chinese restaurants serving dog and cat instead of chicken.

What if you opened a Chinese restaurant, and had a big glass window giving a view into the kitchen from the main dining room?

People would talk about it.  They would like it.  Even if your kitchen were no cleaner than other kitchens, the fact that you let them look says something.

It also would change the way your staff worked.  They know customers are looking at them while they cook your food.  The wait staff and the manager could be watching too.  The kitchen staff would cut a lot fewer corners.

Just by making your cooking process more transparent, you could really change your restaurant's business.

What can you make more transparent in your business?  How can you build more trust with your customers?  Here's an example.

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