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March 11, 2009

Can Having a Twitter Bio Get You 8 Times as Many Followers?

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We've all heard people say "I won't follow you back if you don't have a link and bio" etc. But do people really mean it? Does having a bio and website link in your Twitter profile really make a difference in the number of followers you have? The answer is yes.

I dugg back into the data we've collected from  Twitter Grader . We have a bunch of different information on over 1.6 million Twitter accounts, including bio, link and follower data.

The first "aha" moment from this slice of data is the sheer number of users without bios and links. Almost two-thirds of users don't have a bio or link listed on their Twitter profiles.



Looking at the average number of followers shows a very distinct trend. Users with a bio have over 8 times more followers on average than users without a bio and users with a link have over 7.5 times as many as users without.

Beyond sheer number of followers, power users are even less likely to follow you if you don't have a bio and link. (Power users are Twitter users with high Twitter Grades.)

Users with a bio have over 15.5 times more power followers than those without a bio. Users with a link have over 22 times more power followers than without.

And of course your Twitter Grader score is effected strongly.

The bottom line here is that if you haven't already specified a site and a bio for your Twitter profile (and lots of you haven't) go do it now.

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