Dunbar's number , theorized by Robin Dunbar, is the number of stable social relationships a person can maintain at one time. He believes this number is 150.

In New York Times Best Seller Trust Agents , Chris Brogan explains how marketers can use the Internet's social tools to expand their networks beyond Dunbar's Number. 

How can you connect with more than 150 people? Perhaps you can be an active member of 150 communities?

In the below video, Chris Brogan explains:


1. Make sure your social network profiles are inclusive and descriptive. They should give others a sense of where you're from and the type of things you like doing. Give people an opportunity to discover what you might have in common and how they can connect with you. 

2. Always keep simple databases. You could use an address book, an excel spreadsheet or a software application like BatchBlue . Once you have your database, slice up your contacts by networks and similar interests.

3. Connect with your networks frequently. Tools like Twitter and Facebook are helpful. Use them to make sure people are getting to know you, and you are getting to know them. This practice will enhance relationships.

4. Be helpful. What can you do for these people? Even better, is there something that you can do that caters to that specific network of people?

By taking these four steps, you can expand your network beyond 150 and build fruitful relationships for your business. 

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Originally published Sep 2, 2009 8:15:00 AM, updated March 21 2013