Can Companies Engage Independent Bloggers? Ask @RealLifeSarah

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



If you're launching a new product -- or even just putting new energy into an old product -- the holy grail of marketing is a hearty endorsement from a popular independent blogger.

But how do you do that? What can you as a marketer do to get bloggers talking about your product?

In the video below, Sarah Pinnix (@ RealLifeSarah on Twitter), a popular and prolific independent blogger based in Boone, NC, explains. 



Sarah is well qualified to give this advice.

When she and a handful of other bloggers began using and enjoying Nintendo's new exercise/video game platform,  WiiFit , they decided to setup a blog dedicated to the product.

The blog,  Wii Mommies , has been a huge hit. It caught the attention of EA Sports, which then sponsored the group of bloggers to attend the  Blog World  conference on behalf of the company. 

In the video above, Sarah points to three keys for companies trying to engage independent bloggers: 

1. Find those who are already talking about you. Engage in their conversation and learn what they love. Add fuel to their fire and get to know the fans of your products. 

2. Create space where bloggers will create content for you. Invite writers to guest blog on your site or post in forums. Let them know that content creation is encouraged. 

3. Reach out and give them something to write about. You can offer giveaways, contests, products for review, or sponsor a blogger!

What do you think? Do you have any other tips for companies trying to engage independent bloggers? Please share them in the comments. 


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