New Research: 5 Twitter Charts For Marketers

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



Facebook is dominating Twitter in usage in the United States, but the two social platforms are nearly equal when it comes to awareness. This is just one of many interesting data nuggets that were uncovered in a new survey conducted by Edison Research . The report is the most recent data from a three year tracking study conducted by Edison and Arbitron Internet and Multimedia research .

While the survey can be downloaded in its entirety , we have reviewed the research and selected the top five charts and findings that you need to better understand Twitter usage and apply this information to your business and marketing efforts.

1. Twitter Users Frequently Exchange Information About Products and Services

twitter product promotion

Marketing Takeaway : Twitter users are actively discussing products and services. Make sure you monitor conversations about your business and provide compelling content for them to discuss. 

2. Twitter and Facebook Are Almost Equal in Awareness

twitter vs Facebook usage

Marketing Takeaway: While Facebook is the dominate social platform in terms of usage, Twitter is still growing rapidly and driving consumer awareness. 

3. Despite Equal Awareness,Twitter Significantly Lags Behind Facebook in Usage 

twitter usage statistics

Marketing Takeaway: Despite the fact that Twitter is becoming popular, it is still far behind Facebook in terms of use. This data should remind marketers that an effective social media marketing strategy should include multiple platforms in order to maximize results. 

4. Twitter Users Access the Internet From Multiple Locations

twitter mobile usage

Marketing Takeaway: Marketing on the social web is becoming about multiple screens. Users are engaging on social networks on different types of devices including laptops, smart phones and tablets. It is important to make sure that your online properties are optimized to take advantage of different screens. 

5. Twitter Users (Like Most Americans) Are Very Frequent SMS Users

sms usage statistics Marketing Takeaway: Today, email marketing can be a powerful driver for marketing results. As SMS use grows, marketers need to plan ways to leverage this type of communications method to become a valuable part of the marketing mix. 

Which of these charts is most important to your business? 


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