Twitter or Facebook: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



Since Facebook announced its  new social plugins  designed to become the web's identity system, marketers have been buzzing about Facebook.

Clearly there's a lot of potential in using Facebook for business -- but how does it compare to using Twitter for business ? And is it right for your business?

To answer those questions, I took a look at data from over 2,600  HubSpot customers . I looked specifically at the number of followers each company had last week on  Twitter  and  Facebook  (we call it their reach on each channel).

Here's what I found: 

twitter v facebook
So which platform is best for marketers concerned about reach?

Depends which industry you're in. B2C businesses are having more success with Facebook. Many B2B industries are having more success with Twitter.

Don't Pick One -- Create a Presence on Both
Of course, more than indicating that one platform is better or worse than the other, this data is another sign that businesses need to engage on  both . The pure  scale  and ambition of Facebook makes it a critical platform to participate in. But this data from HubSpot customers shows that you can't dismiss Twitter. In many industries, Twitter is a better way of reaching potential customers..

Bad Excuse: My Industry Doesn't Use Social Media
Another thing this data makes clear: It doesn't matter what industry you're in, you should be experimenting with social media. Check out the reach manufacturing and waste management businesses are getting! And not just one -- that's an average of at least 10 businesses.

A few words about how I got these numbers: I pulled data for more than 2,600 HubSpot customers (the average company in the sample has 100 employees). Once I had that data, I sorted the companies by industry and calculated the average Twitter and Facebook reach for each industry. I removed industries that had less than 10 companies. All the companies I sampled were using some sort of social media -- they had followers on Twitter, Facebook or both.

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