As mobile technology gets more sophisiticated, businesses operate increasingly in real time. As a result, marketing on-the-go becomes more commonplace. Here are 6 iPhone apps that every modern marketer should check out.

1. Facebook

Facebook users are likely to find its iPhone app counterpart familiar. The mobile app includes many of the same features under a similar interface.

One critique of this app is it that where it makes a compromise, it does so at the expense of the businesses aspects of Facebook. Examples are editing pages and groups, as well as managing Facebook ads. Nevetheless, this app can be useful for managing the communications aspects of Facebook.

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2. Twitterrific

Twitterrific is a popular Twitter iPhone app. It is similar to the original interface, so if you never left that boat, you will be able to adjust easily. Its easy photo uploading interface might even be an improvement from web applications, due to the iPhone's handy built-in camera.

For those used to desktop Twitter applications like TweetDeck and HootSuite, Twitterrific is admittedly less sophisiticated. Features it lacks are viewing multiple columns, scheduling tweets, and autocomplete on Twitter usernames. Since Twitter has such a real-time nature, it is worth overlooking these minor shortcomings and getting a mobile Twitter app.

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3. Grader

Grader is the new iPhone app from HubSpot. The website it is based on is a 'suite of tools that helps you measure and analyze your marketing efforts'. The iPhone app grades and provides data about the online influence of your website or twitter account.

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4. Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro is the online version of Google Analytics. True to the original, the app offers detailed information on your website's visitors, referral sources, top content, and more. The app even supports multiple Google Analytics accounts. All these rich features are nicely packed into a mobile interface.

Any good marketer doesn't just 'do' marketing, but also measures the results of their marketing efforts. Analytics Pro will help get this job done, anytime and anywhere.

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5. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn iPhone app helps you manage your online professional network on-the-go. This can be quite useful if you post updates to LinkedIn, or actively use LinkedIn features such as Groups or Answers.

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6. Mobile is a popular domain registrar. It helps you buy and manage your online domains. The iPhone app provides a neat interface for you to do these things whenever the inspiration or need strikes.

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Are there other iPhone applications you rely on for marketing? Share them in the comments.

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Originally published Jul 8, 2010 11:30:00 AM, updated May 19 2022


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