Case Study: Improve Search Rankings With Social Media and Website Optimization

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Last month, we launched our first-ever  Inbound Marketer of the Month contest on the HubSpot Facebook fan page .  Our goal was to recognize companies that have been doing great things with inbound marketing, and the contest generated some awesome success stories.

The Inbound Marketer of the Month winner for June 2010, Trust eMedia , is a great example of how a company can use an integrated inbound marketing campaign to go from having no website to ranking on the first results page of Google in just a couple of months.

Let's take a look at what Trust eMedia did to achieve its success.

Inbound Marketing Case Study: Trust eMedia

trust emedia logo About Trust eMedia: Trust eMedia is a company that provides social media marketing services to companies in the Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL metropolitan areas.

Website URL:

Campaign Description: Trust eMedia developed and launched its new website in early May 2010 with a goal of organically ranking on the first page of Google for its keywords.  Its president is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional from Inbound Marketing University (IMU), and the company implemented the following inbound marketing tactics incorporating SEO, social media, blogging and online video:

  • Utilized search engine optimization tactics in text, alt tags, page titles, etc.
  • Generated a social media presence by joining conversations, networking, providing information and linking back to its main website via Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Created a LinkedIn group
  • Produced an online video about social media marketing
  • Developed a free social media eBook , which was then promoted on social networks for users to download for free
  • Generated and distributed press releases regarding new business 
  • Started the Trust eMedia blog and provided valuable information to its readers, targeting small/medium size business and other professionals interested in social media

Campaign Results: While Trust eMedia has only just begun its inbound marketing efforts, it now ranks on the first page of organic Google search results for many of its keywords. Trust eMedia now also ranks higher in search results and drives more traffic to its website than many of its local competitors with long-standing sites.  Trust eMedia has also generated a number of new client opportunities based on its engagement on LinkedIn and Twitter and has been featured twice on the front page of its local newspaper's business section.

Trust eMedia search results

Does your company have its own inbound marketing success story to share? Enter our Inbound Marketer of the Month contest for July 2010 for the chance to share it with the world!

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