12 Lessons from Nike to Help Build Brand Awareness

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Colleen Coyne
Colleen Coyne



Nike is famous for creating commercials that make you want to jump out of your chair or off the couch and go do something . "It" to be specific. I was doing some research (I promise, boss) on the importance of preparation when I came across this Nike commercial for Nike.com.hk . It struck me that pretty much every two-word cue they include can be applied directly to inbound marketing. My ideas are below.  What do you think?

12 Lessons from Nike to Help Build Brand Awareness

1. Create it: Not everything you create needs to be a production like the one above. In fact, none of it does (although that would be cool). Just think outside the box a bit and try to create something interesting.

2. Tag it: Make sure to label, tag or categorize your content using relevant keywords so it is easier to find for those looking for that type of information.

3. Enjoy it: Creating content doesn't have to be the arduous and dreadful task a lot of folks make it out to be. Let yourself get creative. Create something with a small group. Let yourself have fun and you'll probably create something pretty cool.

4. Say it: Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Differing opinions, ideas and insights are what make content and the conversations they spur interesting. Take a stand. Pick a side. Push back on conventional wisdom.

5. Shout it: Spread the word. Once you've created something interesting, make sure everyone who might be interested in it hears about it. Use your social networks, but don't forget about traditional channels like email to get the word out.

6. Push it:   Get outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. You'll be amazed what is possible.

7. Bite it: Rather, don't be afraid to bite it. Risk taking doesn't always have a happy ending. Calculated risks have better odds, but there is always a chance things aren't going to pan out they way you planned.

8. Perfect it: From the point above. Learn from your experiments; the failures and the successes and use that new knowledge to move ahead smarter and more savvy.

9. Believe it: Trust that you have the knowledge and ability to contribute to your community in interesting and meaningful ways.

10. Face it: Inbound marketing must become a part of your marketing mix. People are finding the products and services they need and want online more than ever. The opportunity is right there for the taking.

11. Live it: Creating and sharing content should not be one-off, "special projects" that get assigned periodically. This is an investment that will payoff well into the future. Make it part of your company's culture.

12. Love it: Reap the benefits. Inbound marketing works. Everything above will add up to a greater awareness of your brand. Couple this with a strong conversion strategy (offers, calls to actions and landing pages) and you'll see more leads and customers.

Just do it.

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