10 Inbound Marketing Interview Questions

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In in effort to ensure you identify only inbound marketing rock-stars, we have provided 10 questions to supplement your hiring interview processes. Note: these questions are in no specific order--pick and choice the ones that are best for your business. Additionally, the quality of answers would depend on the experience level you were looking to hire.

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10 Inbound Marketing Interview Questions

1. Can you explain "insert topic" to me in a simple way? - Inbound marketing is about making your industry interesting and helping to solve customer problems with content. This question is used to make sure that someone can drop industry jargon and communicate a simple idea in a clear and engaging way.

2. What results have you achieved with your current inbound marketing efforts? - Inbound marketing is about growing your business. Make sure that the person can provide solid numbers to showcase their previous work. This also shows that they have an understanding of how to measure inbound marketing efforts. 

3. What do you read online? - Part of inbound marketing is understanding industry news and leveraging for the benefit of the business. Does the person have the right habits in place to do this?

4. How do you drive traffic to your blog (personal/business)? - A business blog is a big part of the inbound marketing process. This question is looking for an understanding of not only writing for a blog, but also growing readership.

5. What part of inbound marketing would you start with for our business? - This question ensures the candidate understands the basics. If the say "social media," when you are getting very little organic search traffic, for example, it demonstrates that they may not be good at seeing the big picture.

6. What is an example of a company that does inbound marketing well and why? - Reverse engineering is an important marketing skill. It is important that you hire a person that knows what success looks like and understands what other businesses have done to be successful.

7. What are five blog post titles you would write for our business? This question is all about understanding how well this person can incorporate inbound marketing into the mix of industry insights.

8. How do you know what type of content to create for our business? - This question tests industry knowledge along with understanding of types of inbound marketing content. Beyond blog posts, the candidate should mention webinars and ebooks.

9. What area of inbound marketing are you least knowledgeable about? It is important to hire a person who understands they don't know it all... This question is all about identifying that level of maturity in someone.

10. How long will it take for us to see results from your inbound marketing efforts? - Regardless of your business, setting the right expectations is critical. You don't want to hire someone that will only tell you what you want to hear. Test the person by making sure they give you reasonable estimates for tactics.

Do you agree with the questions on this list? What would you add? If you are looking for a job in inbound marketing check out the HubSpot Careers Page, we are hiring !

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