Michelle and Nicole at Revenue River


With nearly a decade of experience in the fields of brand/identity, print, advertising & web, Michelle brings fun and expertise to each project she works on as Revenue River's COS Developer. The more creative she can be with a project, the better! If anyone at Revenue River can be described as cosmopolitan it’s Michelle. She’s a rare mix of Panamanian, African, and Dutch (by birth), with just enough time spent in both Georgia and Florida to have the slightest twang to some of her speech. Nicole is an SEO master, 10x content developer, and long-tail keyword creator extraordinaire, through years of agency work Nicole has attained many different skills that have helped her get to where she is today - the Director of Search. She studied at the University of Denver where she received a major in digital media studies and a minor in marketing. Nicole loves working at Revenue River because she gets to do what she is passionate about: developing an incredible SEO strategy for a wide variety of clients.

Mais de Michelle and Nicole at Revenue River

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