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Paul Richards


Paul is the Chief Streaming Officer for StreamGeeks. StreamGeeks is a group of video production experts dedicated to helping businesses discover the power of live streaming. Every Monday, Paul and his team produce a live show in their downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania studio location. Having produced live shows as amateurs themselves, the StreamGeeks steadily worked their way to a professional level by learning from experience as they went. Today, they have an impressive following and a tight-knit online community which they serve through consultations and live shows that continue to inspire, motivate, and inform business owners who refuse to settle for mediocrity. The show explores the ever-evolving broadcast and live streaming market while engaging a live audience. Paul is also the author of "Live Streaming is Smart Marketing", a fun read that outlines his journey into the world of live streaming for business. Read it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B5HVGP2.

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