Thank You Pages - How To Go From Good to Great

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Thank YouIt's the final stage in your visitor-to-lead conversion process -- the Thank You page that thanks your visitors for filling out a form and requesting something from your business.

But the fact is, sometimes people give short shrift to their Thank You pages, missing out on some key relationship-building opportunities that only a Thank You page can provide.

How can you bring your Thank You pages from good to great?

Tell them what happens next

First, make sure that your visitor is really clear about what it is they just signed up for. Use the Thank You page to spell out exactly what they should expect to happen next, and when.

They should know if the next thing that happens will be:

  • A email appearing in their inbox today
  • A phone call from a representative within three days
  • A monthly newsletter appearing on the first of the month

Restate the value of the offer

Remind them why they should be really excited about that thing that is about to happen next. What benefits did you promise them on your landing page? Now is a great time to remind them of those benefits, and to reiterate what it is they signed up for -- in a larger sense.

Are they now:

  • On their way to completing a short online course that will make them noticeably better at something?
  • A part of a larger community of like-minded people, all of whom receive your email newsletter?
  • One step closer to saving a great deal of money, time, or effort?

Sometimes people experience a little "buyer's remorse" after they provide contact information on an online form and click submit. Remind them why clicking that submit button on your landing page was such an absolutely brilliant idea -- the best idea they had all day.

Give 'em some more value

Thank You pages are a great place to add value to your relationship. What else can you give them at this point to surprise and delight your visitor? Something valuable and unexpected can go a long way towards giving your contacts a warm, happy glow, the memory of which might make it just a little bit more likely they'll open that next email from you, click through on your special offer, or pick up the phone to talk to a salesperson.

Give them a link to one of your most popular blog articles. Or give them a link to an extra download that complements the download they just signed up for. Even if it's something small, a little something extra that they weren't expecting can go a long, long way.

At the very least, you can offer them the opportunity to follow you on Twitter and Facebook. If you do this, though, make sure you tell them why they should -- in their terms. What will your prospect get out of following you? Daily deals? Industry insight? Be specific about why this is a good idea for them, not just you.

Want to see some great examples of stellar Thank You pages by real, live HubSpot customers? Check out HubSpot Examples for this and many more great ideas and templates for your inbound marketing plans.

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