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Joshua Payne



Today, we're happy to announce that we are releasing to all customers the third new HubSpot analytics tool in the last three months: Pages.

A key element of inbound marketing is attracting visitors to your website. Each page on your website is a like a little magnet, attracting visitors one at a time. Some of those pages are stronger magnets than other magnets. The Pages tool is here to help you measure the effectiveness of each of these little magnets.

HubSpot Pages Analytics

At the top level, it provides key metrics for how well each of your pages is contributing to the top of your marketing funnel. How many views has it received? How many keywords is it ranking for? How many inbound links has it received (i.e. how authoritative is it)? In turn, are these visitors taking the next step you want them to take? Are they clicking on your HubSpot CTAs?

As you identify the various problems and successes for each of your pages, you can drill into detail for each of them, and investigate the causes. Here you can see things like which pages have identifiable on-page SEO problems, browse the individual keywords and links for your page and which social networks have discussed your page. An all-in-one page analysis tool inside your all-in-one marketing software.

The release of the Pages tool is just another step in the ongoing evolution of the HubSpot analytics tools. It is one step toward further simplifying the experience. If you need data about a website page, you can find it here in Pages. The data isn't split -- as it once was -- between Visits by Page and Page Grader, and other tools and views within the HubSpot product.

So with the release of Pages, we will be retiring Visits by Page and Page Grader. The vast majority of information delivered by those two tools is covered by Pages.

So take a look and let us know what you think via the feedback tab on the Pages tool itself, here in the comments, or in the HubSpot Customer Forums. 

Thanks, and Happy HubSpotting!

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