As a classroom training specialist at HubSpot, I have the privilege of meeting hundreds of customers from all over Europe across all kinds of industries. I have the chance to learn about their business challenges and goals, and help them plan their inbound strategies to grow better, faster, and stronger.

In the few days of training we spend together, we build knowledge, ideas, and connections within our little HubSpot community where inspiring conversations and hands-on practice flourish in a friendly environment.

Customers love HubSpot's learning services because of the variety of tools that suit all types of learning styles, schedules, and needs. This is not just about offering some resources to learn more about the tools; it's having concepts like growth, success, and self-development at the heart of your culture code and turning them into concrete opportunities for your customers to grow with inbound marketing in the way that best suits them. HubSpot offers resources such as blog posts, certification courses and lessons in the Learning Center, live classroom trainings, and more.

One of the most energizing moments for me as a trainer is to see our customers return to classroom training and witness their growth, learn about their new projects, and hear how HubSpot made it possible thanks to the resources available.

In one of my last classroom trainings, I met Sabine Haidan, Head of Marketing of Leuchter Group, who had attended her first HubSpot training more than a year before. It was great to hear about her new projects and, being a power user of HubSpot learning services, she agreed to share some of her insights with me for this post.

Learning How to Boost Productivity

Leuchter IT Solutions is an IT company with headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland specializes in building IT infrastructure and cloud solutions and also provides software engineering services. The company is organized as a main holding comprising four child companies. Therefore, as the Head of Marketing of all entities, Sabine is faced every day with the challenge of liaising with four CEOs and different strategies and bringing them all together under an overarching goal.

That means devising ad hoc strategies and processes to align sales and marketing goals and support each team in a sustainable way: a challenge that calls for long-term vision and automation! In Sabine’s words, “exploring scenarios similar to our own in training gave me the inspiration to start developing sequences and email templates to save time and streamline internal communications. I have also started using automation to organize several administrative tasks for our initiative dig:it now."


Automated sequences for Internal communications

An example of sequence created by Sabine to streamline the process of project approvals across multiple stakeholders.

The project, in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, is a cooperation of over 25 transformation coaches in Swiss companies, who support Swiss SMEs with a standardized and proven approach to implement their digital transformation roadmap and succeed in the 4th industrial revolution.

"In the light of what we discussed in training, I am now setting up a 100% automated process with workflows, sequences, and deals to manage our new members onboarding process and eventually develop a blueprint that we can replicate for other use cases.” 

Growing a Learning Culture On Your Team

Leuchter Marketing team enjoying remote working in Vierwaldstättersee

Sabine, Erik and Christian making the most of remote working in Vierwaldstättersee, surrounded by Swiss Alps.

Sabine has been using HubSpot tools for over two years now and during this time, not only has she leveraged HubSpot learning resources for her own growth, but acted as a true ambassador of the inbound methodology, encouraging her own team to take HubSpot Academy certification courses, subscribe to HubSpot's blogs, and regularly check out the knowledge base to learn about HubSpot tools and the latest trends that you need to anticipate to become a thought leader in a highly competitive market.

“HubSpot's learning culture fits perfectly with Leuchter's vision: learn every day, use leading technologies, and build great solutions for our partners’ success, which we have been advocating already for over 15 years in the company.”

Given her busy schedule, Sabine found great value in attending the live immersive classroom trainings, in which she was able to cover the whole spectrum of inbound sales and marketing processes, diving into technical aspects of the tool, as well as reflecting on how to optimize the processes that maneuver leads from marketing to sales and create a well-oiled machine to deliver a satisfying end-to-end experience to her customers.

Classroom training truly helped me a lot to reflect on existing processes and spot the gaps. It’s because of the mix of learning and hands-on activities, that allows you to consolidate and practice what you learn through the certifications. The environment itself contributes to creating a great experience: you’re surrounded by experienced marketers and sales professionals who bring their own examples, challenges and helpful tips and tricks to the group. This really creates a welcoming environment in which we all learn from each other as well as from the trainer.”

Inbound marketing HubSpot Classroom Training 

Building an On-going Learning Community

Liaising with the sales and marketing teams of four different companies and being responsible for aligning strategy across all the stakeholders, Sabine knows very well how important it is to work with a proactive, self-directed team who shares the same vision and approach to work. Creating a work environment of on-going learning can certainly help to keep all teams on the same page and make sure everyone feels motivated to keep learning.

Reflecting on the HubSpot learning resources that she uses daily, Sabine says: “I find great value in the classroom training resources. I use them for several scenarios, they are always on my desktop and really help me think about how to prioritize what I need to do and troubleshoot if necessary, for example with workflows. They keep me organized and structured when things get a bit hectic!

But the learning doesn’t end with a classroom training or an Academy badge on your LinkedIn profile! It’s only when we start sharing our knowledge and apply the best practices to our day-to-day work that the learning becomes truly effective. That is why at HubSpot, we encourage our customers and partners to build their own communities to ask questions, find inspiration and connect with other professionals. A perfect example of this is the HubSpot Community, a dedicated space built to connect sales and marketing professionals from around the world and discuss trending topics impacting all types of businesses, such as GDPR compliance, customer success, and sales and marketing alignment.

Growing Your Own Career with HubSpot Learning

When I met Sabine again in class after about a year since her first HubSpot training, it was great to realize how much her team was growing and learn about the new exciting projects she's coordinating.

HubSpot training and all the learning tools have also helped me further develop my skill-set and advance in my career. I am also the founder of a Marketing Agency Startup in the early stage of growth and we are currently building a portfolio of clients to coach them on how to work with HubSpot and grow with inbound. I have just finished onboarding a new client on how to best leverage their HubSpot CRM and the resources from classroom training provided a lot of inspiration on how to run my own training sessions.

Who Would Benefit the Most From HubSpot Training?

Since I attended my first class over a year ago, I can see how much the program has evolved, combining strategy training with hands-on activities and group discussions. This makes these trainings ideal for marketing and sales managers primarily, but also incredibly valuable for CEOs to get a comprehensive overview of all the functions and capabilities. When you know how HubSpot works and the full scope of its functions, you can start thinking about setting up new ways to boost productivity.

With learning resources coming in all shape and size, there are really no excuses not to keep learning. Whether you feel more comfortable taking a self-paced certification course, watching a 5-minute lesson during your lunch break, or attending a live classroom training, you can be sure that at HubSpot you will find the learning tool that best fits your style and schedule. You can visit HubSpot Academy to find out more on free tools and certifications or check out HubSpot’s classroom training dates and join other professionals for a live training in a city near you.

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Originally published May 22, 2018 8:55:28 AM, updated June 25 2018