179693002Facebook has become the largest social network in the world with over 500 million active users. Think about it this way: the United States alone has a population of nearly 300 million people, so there are almost twice as many Facebook users as there are people living in the United States. That’s a lot of people on Facebook.

With that huge network of people, as marketers we’re presented with an endless opportunity to drive quality traffic to our website, prospect for new leads, connect with new customers, and further relationships with current clients.

But as you can imagine, you’re competing for that attention with thousands and thousands of other businesses. It’s important that your presence stands out, and in order to do this, you need to have specific elements of your page in place.

Not sure what those elements are? No need to worry. In today’s post we’re sharing six of the best business Facebook pages and what they’re doing to make their page awesome.

1. Oracle Business Analytics


Likes: 51,593

Why it’s awesome: Oracle’s has a large following on Facebook page, but it’s the content they’re sharing that makes it awesome. Facebook is a wonderful platform for leveraging original content, but you have to do it the right way in order to engage your audience. Blog posts, for example, are a great tactic to drive traffic to your website while sharing powerful content with your audience. What Oracle does that helps drive engagement even further is to post more than just a link to their blog post; they are also offering large, crisp images to go along with each. Additionally, they’re taking advantage of video which not many brands (especially B2B) are doing; it’s a differentiator.

Takeaway: Use original content, like blogs, along with relevant (and optimized) imagery to bolster engagement.

2. Salesforce


Likes: 333,181

Why it’s awesome: On Facebook, with so many other businesses sharing content, it’s easy for your brand to get lost in the crowd. Salesforce has created a visual brand and has stuck to it. And they leverage that brand in almost every post. The point being, when one of their followers is scrolling through their newsfeed on their phone, they’ll see an image that screams Salesforce; it’s recognizable and memorable.

But their images aren’t just branded, they’re highly designed and it’s clear that time and though has gone into each one. Whether they’re promoting the Salesforce platform, sharing a picture from an event/conference, or even sharing an industry statistic, each time, the post is inherently Salesforce.

Takeaway: Create a visual brand and stick to it. Choose color schemes, fonts and images that relate to your company and promote your business.

3. GoPro


Likes: 7,213,432

Why it’s awesome: With a staggering number of followers, GoPro has tapped into major success. Harnessing the power of their tagline, “Wear It. Mount It. Love It.”, they have successfully encouraged their followers to wear or mount a GoPro and share the photographs and videos taken with one. And this is what makes them awesome.

GoPro has effectively implemented a social marketing strategy that heavily relies and promotes user-generated content (UGC), which is very unique on most Facebook pages. They were even nominated for several Webby awards simply because of their UGC.

Takeaway: Increase user engagement by encouraging your following to upload and share their own content as it relates to your brand.

4. Microsoft Business Intelligence


Likes: 26,545

Why it’s awesome: Microsoft Business Intelligence has a unique approach to Facebook posts by using lots of polls, product updates and contests. They also include calls-to-action within the vast majority of its posts, encouraging followers to interact. They truly recognize the importance of their customers, and the feedback they have, and so they aim to have their content speak directly to this group. Through the use of contests, in particular their BI Demo Contest, they make business technology fun.

Takeaway: Use contests to promote engagement.

5. General Electric


Likes: 1,250,862

Why it’s awesome: GE is a market leader in innovation, as well as science and technology. Much of what GE does is difficult for the average person to understand, and yet GE is the backbone of many of oureveryday appliances, applications and more. With their Facebook page and the content they share, they’ve taken complex ideas and broken them down into bite-size pieces of information paired with fun graphics. GE has successfully simplified ceramic matrix composite, thermo testing and synatic transmission through their Facebook posts in an easily-digestible way.

Their page is all about the user. Take their about section for example, “We love science, technology, innovation and hearing from you! So, say hello.” They’re encouraging engagement by being relatable, friendly and welcoming. They also ask their audience questions to get even more feedback so their fans feel like they’re truly part of something.

Takeaway: Think outside the box and be relatable. Every company can create original and engaging content despite the field they’re in.

6. BarkBox


Likes: 358, 714

Why it’s awesome: BarkBox wanted to expand their audience and direct more traffic to their website to gain more business. Through the use of boosted posts as well as custom audiences, BarkBox not only gained a significant new following (as well as some happy new customers), they created a community of dog lovers.

Their Facebook page is a hub for dog-loving conversation, pictures, videos and articles that followers are liking and commenting on daily. Not only are followers engaging with their content, they’re also creating their own content and sharing it on the BarkBox page. By focusing less on their product and more on their fans’ love for their dogs, they have created one awesome page.

Takeaway(s): Looking for growth? Invest some capital and boost a couple of your posts. (That’s how I first heard of BarkBox.) And build a community of raving fans; become a place where people go to share their stories and pictures.

This post originally appeared on the New Breed Marketing blog. New Breed Marketing is a HubSpot Partner Agency located in Winooski, VT.



Originally published Apr 16, 2014 2:00:00 PM, updated January 18 2023


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