466378527If you don’t have internal copywriters that allow you to blog consistently, you need to solve that problem immediately. Why should you blog? Data has shown that:

Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors.

Still not convinced? 

B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/month than those that don’t.

Not a B2B company? 

B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/month than those that don’t.

The first thing I hate about hearing the words “business blogging” is that it puts me to sleep.

The second thing I hate about hearing the words “business blogging” is that it reminds me of the pain I go through trying to get my marketing team to write for me.

There’s a much bigger emphasis on content quality than content quantity these days and blogging has become vital to any strategy. And thank goodness for that, because as someone who writes 3-4 blogs a week and edits around 7 blogs a week, I have to say I definitely enjoy blogging.

But as a marketing agency that happens to employ some awesome writers, I get the luxury of bugging my team to write for me. So to be honest if you don’t have internal copywriters, you might be better off. Just kidding, we’ve been in that position before as well. But don’t worry, because you have options!

1) Ask Your Employees

Some companies think they don’t have any internal copywriters but in reality they actually have a few hidden gems around the office. These folks tend to have a knack for writing and a creative mind wanting to spread its wings past that cubicle.

If you aren’t comfortable or have the time to write for your business, you might benefit from asking around and seeing if anybody else does. Writing could give your employees a break from the day to day processes and give your business blog the insight that it needs to set you apart from the others.

But don’t forget that blogging should be consistent. So if you find someone that isn’t reliable or isn’t able to blog at least once a week, then maybe the next option might be better for you.

2) Outsource a Writer

There are some great tools out there that will deliver you amazing writers (for fairly cheap). These people can write on any industry or expertise that you need. We use a project management tool called Zerys that’s designed specifically for content projects, with a built-in marketplace for professional writers.

We find writers that have a specialty in our clients’ industries, hand them the titles, and they get us 2 blogs a week consistently. They’re extremely talented and very efficient, but if you don’t have someone to manage a writer you have other options.

3) Hire a Student

We’ve had clients hire a grad student from the local college, an intern, or someone’s kid home for the summer from college. College students can’t survive off of the books they sold back at the end of the year for the whole summer, and what better way to mentor a student and help them expand their resume?

One note-worthy problem with this option is that if it’s just a summer internship, your blogging strategy might go cold about the time the weather does. So the next option might be better for your business needs.

4) Use a Private Label Rights Resource

Remember those kids in middle school that said they bought their essay online already written? Yeah, it’s sort of like that but you won’t be penalized for plagiarizing. Once you purchase an article from a private label rights source it becomes yours.

So you can edit it and take the article any direction you want. Of course other people will be using these articles as well but if you edit it enough and make it your own, you can set your content apart from the crowd.

The best part of this option is that these articles usually include a lot of market research and in-depth analytics. So if you don’t have the time to blog but have the time to make a few edits on some articles then this could be the avenue for you.

5) Chat About It

If you don’t have the time to write a blog maybe you have the time to speak a blog. There’s software out there for your phone and computer that will pick up your voice as you speak into it, either on your phone or on your computer. For instance, Dragon by Nuance helps turn your dictations into text.

You already talk about work all day long with your customers and employees so what’s an extra 5 minutes on the clock using software that will record your voice? From that, you have a blog written and (depending on the type of software you use) all ready and set to go for publishing.


Whether you don’t have time to blog or don’t have the talent in-house there’s always some options to get it done. Business blogging is a very important aspect of your inbound marketing strategy and the basis for bringing traffic to your site. There’s no excuse for not blogging anymore!

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Originally published Jul 22, 2014 10:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023


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