We hear it time and time again, but the media industry is broken. There’s declining time spent with print media and radio. No one can get website visitors to stay on-site because of fragmented consumption of content.

National and local media companies are competing for the same ad dollars as Facebook, Twitter, and bloggers... And then advertisers are getting smart and asking for more than clicks and impressions. Any one of these issues would be hard to manage, but the combination seems insurmountable.

The Fix: Connecting Audiences and Advertisers

Inbound can help your radio station, online publication, newspaper, or magazine connect your audience with your advertisers. Instead of blasting untargeted messages and hoping for results, your radio station, online publication, newspaper, or magazine can price, package, and sell inbound media campaigns. By promoting offers to a qualified segment of your audience, you can generate leads with purchase intent for your advertisers. It’s a result driven approach that goes beyond clicks and impressions.

The Giant Inbound Opportunity

And the opportunity goes beyond connecting your audience with your advertisers. With your content expertise, you know what your audience wants. You can pair that expertise with marketing services to offer to advertisers. Instead of ad sales reps pitching, you now have trusted marketing advisors.

And, what else do advertisers want? Audience intelligence. Which you can provide from your responsive contacts database. Your media company has a lot of assets, you just need to learn how to use them.

Check out the slideshare below to see examples of how a radio station and B2B publication are using inbound to fix the broken media industry. Then, read on to learn about exciting partnership opportunities for inbound media companies.

Originally published Oct 14, 2014 2:00:00 PM, updated January 18 2023