153954381As the tax deadline has come to pass many of us are eagerly awaiting that refund check that’s about to hit our accounts. Getting a refund on your taxes is a bit like getting a bonus, and ‘free’ money like that just needs to be spent.

As inbound marketers you surely have a waiting list for the must-have items you’re just looking for an excuse to buy. Here's our list of fun, yet functional purchases you can invest in for your day-to-day marketing efforts. 

1) Build Your Library

Digital marketing is a craft that’s constantly evolving, you have to stay on top of your trade with reading and renewal. There is no better way to freshen up on the fundamentals and explore new concepts than by building your library.

2) Go To The Cloud

Today’s marketers are mobile and virtual, but that can present some file sharing challenges.  Take your entire business to the cloud and realize complete desktop independence.  With the ability to access any file from anywhere with any device you’ll be able meaner and leaner while spending more time out of the office.

3) Get Some New Hardware

Since we live in a digital world and create digital assets for a mobile audience it’s always a good idea to show off the latest and greatest in front of your prospects or clients.

Buy yourself a new tablet, smart phone, or even an LCD for your conference room, you can even file this purchase as a business expense and depreciate it for help with next year’s return!

4) Multi Task With A New Desk

Who doesn’t want a new desk?  Better yet, how about one of the crazy new treadmill desks? You can jog your way to better health while you’re watching your weekly HubSpot training webinar, now there’s a match made in heaven.


image credit: www.steelcase.com

5) Express Yourself With New Décor

Most of the HubSpot Partners I know really believe in putting culture at the front of their priorities, allowing for freedom of expression.  If you have to sit in an office all day you might as well do it in class by spending some of your new found loot on some upgrades.

Some picture frames, posters, plants, or some funky lamp will make you the envy of your peers and likely make your office that much more fun to be in. 

6) Get Your Picture Taken

Marketers should be building their own brand and positioning themselves as trusted industry experts.  Credibility is important and your profile image is a great place to start.

Build a better personal and agency brand with professional photography on your website, LinkedIn profile, Google Authorship results and Twitter profile. 

7) Buy (or Adopt) A New Friend

Some of our offices feature more pets than people, probably because pets are just about the coolest thing you can buy with your money. I recommend a dog, there really aren’t any better options.  A quick scan of a few of the other partners websites shows that the office pet dog is often given the same profile feature as the Owner.


image credit:  Hank & Ace

Whatever You Buy, Buy Something Fun

You worked hard all year and you paid our Uncle Sam his fair share, don’t be responsible and save your entire rebate check. Regardless of your rebate check or amount you’re willing to spend on marketing toys this list should give you some ideas on how you can reinvest it.

Whether you want to spend $5 on a used book or $5,000 on a treadmill desk you should be happy to turn your tax check into marketing bliss with a few clicks of the mouse. Happy shopping!

What marketing investment (if any) are you planning on spending your tax refund on?

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Originally published May 6, 2014 10:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023


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