A Crash Course on Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits [Free Ebook]

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Juliana Nicholson
Juliana Nicholson



For years now, businesses have been using inbound marketing as a way to attract,convert, close, and delight new customers online. But what if it's not "customers" that you're after? What if you're targeting volunteers, donors, or members?

In other words, what if you're a nonprofit? 

The good news is that inbound marketing still works for nonprofits. The better news, is that we have a new ebook explaining how.

 A Crash Course on Inbound Marketing For Nonprofits provides an overview of how the inbound methodology helps organizations attract, connect, engage, and inspire their constituents, and runs through 8 steps to marketing greatness:

  1. What moves the needle in the digital age
  2. The inbound methodology for nonprofits
  3. Creating audience personas
  4. Building a strategy around your personas and organization's goals
  5. SEO strategy to grow website traffic
  6. How to educate and convert website traffic into known contacts
  7. Nurturing constituents to drive action
  8. How to double down on retention and re-engagement 

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