The Top 21 Creative Advertising Agencies to Follow on Instagram

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Karla Hesterberg
Karla Hesterberg



Instagram has evolved into a perfect visual platform for agencies, filled with photos of office parties, company outings, and creatives hard at work behind their Macs.


And while there were more than a few pictures of agency pups and craft beers, Instagram has also become a place where agencies can share behind-the-scenes shots of their latest work and highlight their accomplishments.

While there probably aren't that many CMOs who troll Instagram looking for their next agency partner, there is little competition and even more opportunity to make it your agency's platform of choice for attracting new talent and clients -- a differentiator when it comes to that next visual campaign.

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If you are looking for some inspiration or just want some "inside" looks at a few agencies, then check out this ultimate -- yet not exhaustive -- list of ad agencies to follow on Instagram:

21 Creative Agencies To Follow on Instagram

1. Huge: @hugeinc

This meticulously curated Instagram from Huge is chock full of high-quality photography, graphic design inspiration, and quirky snaps of daily office antics. A must-follow if you want a glimpse of what life is like at a top agency.

2. Motherlondon: @motherlondon

Mother London, the world's leading independent creative agency network, has a unique approach to Instagram. Each week, they hand over the reins to a different creative, allowing them to showcase their work and highlight their unique design perspective. The result is a truly inspiring feed that's sure to inject a little inspiration into your daily life.

3. ustwo: @ustwo

Even though ustwo, a digital product studio, has worked with major brands like Google, Adidas, and Ford, their Instagram presence is surprisingly personal. Take a scroll through their gallery and you'll find colorful photos of office events, team outings, and even birthdays alongside glimpses of their latest work.

4. Wolff Olins: @wolffolins

Wolff Olins' Instagram gives followers a glimpse at the agency's work-hard-play-hard approach to creative strategy, including design inspiration and behind-the-scenes snaps.

5. Revenue River: @revenue_river

This Colorado-based marketing agency and HubSpot partner helps its clients use digital assets more effectively. What sets its Instagram apart from the competition is "On the Hot Seat," a video series featuring a different employee every episode to learn about what they do for the company. Many businesses' Instagram accounts focus on its people -- not many dedicate a talk show to them.

6. Red Antler: @redantler

Brooklyn-based agency Red Antler is the epitome of cool and inventive New York charm, and their Instagram reflects this identity. Follow along for design inspiration, office culture, and photos of their work with startups.

7. Skirt PR: @skirtpr

The folks at Skirt PR know their way around a glamorous party. Whether it's a cool boutique opening, a cozy cafe gathering, or a champagne celebration, you can follow along with the action on their Instagram. Their feed is also a colorful source of design inspiration -- perfect for a mid-week pick-me-up.

8. Agency V CPH: @agencyvcph

If you ever feel like your life could use more Scandinavian minimalism, you should add Agency V CPH to your list of accounts to follow. The Copenhagen-based agency shares pictures of sleek interiors, style inspiration from their clients, and city snapshots from the rainy streets of Copenhagen.

9. Frelon Bleu: @frelon_bleu

This France-based digital agency and HubSpot Partner "appreciates what is different, beautiful, and impactful," and its outspoken Instagram account proves it. Here, you'll find snapshots of creative and provocative street art that show you what Frelon Bleu values and how it thinks about design and culture.

10. SPARK: @sparkbrand

SPARK's creative team takes followers behind the scenes and on location as they shoot and edit ads for brands like Hilton, Visit Florida, and The Dalí Museum. Their account is also worth a follow for the illustrations and other design work they regularly share.

11. BBDO San Francisco: @bbdosf

As their Instagram bio proudly declares, BBDO San Francisco is "all about The Work The Work The Work." Their account showcases their recent campaigns, high-profile events (such as Cannes), and their team's creative process -- which sometimes involves bowling nights.

12. Anomaly: @anomaly

AdAge named Los Angeles-based shop Anomaly Agency of the Year in 2017, and we think their Instagram account is also a winner. With colorful snaps of daily office life, upcoming campaigns for clients, and scenic shots from their seven global locations, Anomaly is worth a follow.

13. Martin Agency: @martinagency

You've seen Martin Agency's impressive work for Geico, Chevrolet, and Oreos, but you probably didn't know they have an affinity for flannel shirts and a love of street art. Martin Agency's Instagram is an intimate look at how employees at one of the world's most influential agencies work day-to-day.

14. Salted Stone: @saltedstone

This agency's Instagram following may be small in comparison to some of the other accounts features here, but the quality of their content speaks for itself. Salted Stone, a California-based digital agency and HubSpot Partner, uses Instagram to share behind-the-scenes peeks at their latest projects, industry events (like INBOUND), and favorite lunch spots.

15. Talk Shop Media: @talkshopmedia

No, your eyes don't deceive you -- that's really Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge chowing down on some treats from one of Talk Shop Media's clients. This digital marketing agency specializes in influencer relations, and their Instagram is like having a free pass to all the coolest events.

16. Goodby Silverstein & Partners: @goodby_silverstein

Margaret Johnson, chief creative officer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, was recently honored on Business Insider's 30 Most Creative People in Advertising list. Her agency's Instagram account gives followers the opportunity to see how Johnson and her team produce major global campaigns, and some of the interesting people who inspire them.

17. RPA Advertising: @rpa_advertising

RPA Advertising's Instagram account makes the daily office grind look pretty darn fun. The Santa Monica-based agency recently hosted a summer concert series, and -- based on their feed -- they make sure their creative teams are just as loud.

18. Colle + McVoy: @collemcvoy

Dogs and design? Count us in. Colle + McVoy's Instagram account puts the spotlight on their design work and company culture.

19. hzdg: @hzdg

hzdg's Instagram account is a veritable treasure trove of design inspiration, ranging from their own work to the work of designers and artists their team admires. They even recently took followers on a virtual tour of the world's most colorful places.

20. Social Distillery: @socialdistillery

Social Distillery is an Austin, Texas-based social media agency specializing in digital communications and consumer engagement. They might be a relatively small agency, but their Instagram account makes a big impression with snapshots of their energetic team and latest work.

21. st8mnt: @st8mnt

Last but certainly not least is st8mt, a Nashville-based branding agency that boasts powerful design chops and a laid-back company culture. Their Instagram is full of their recent work and company events. You could say it really makes, well, a statement.

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