10 of the Best Pinterest Boards to Teach You About Marketing

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Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



pinterest-marketing-boardsReading's a pain in the butt, eh? (Did I already lose you? One sentence is a lot to digest.)

Okay, seething sarcasm aside, I do *get* the aversion to reading. It's not necessarily a fervent dislike of reading; many of us just have too many things going on to dedicate a significant amount of time to the activity.

But that's why visual content is making such a splash. It communicates meaning quickly, and ... you know ... there's pretty pictures. Nothing wrong with a little brain candy.

Because I too enjoy a pretty picture as much as the next guy, I dove head-first into Pinterest to see what I could learn about marketing. Who's using Pinterest to teach us? And who is doing it really, really well? I found some amazing stuff out there, and rounded up the best pinboards about marketing for you here. Take a gander, and learn some things -- minimal reading required ;-)

10 Educational Pinboards About Marketing to Start Following

1) General Marketing Education

I thought it'd be good to start off with a board that offers marketing education -- whatever your area of interest. This pinboard from The Social Media Room offers a one-stop shop for things like whitepapers, podcasts, and even magazines that will help you up your marketing game. It's helpful to have a resource center laid out visually like this, so you can quickly browse and pin educational content for later reading.


2) Social Media Education Board

Drilling down a little deeper, this pinboard offers social media education, specifically. Best part? It's all in infographic form -- a perfect format for Pinterest! I love that you can get a quick dose of information with this format, and leave Pinterest knowing something new about social media even if you only have a minute or two to read.


3) Facebook Marketing Education Board

Louise Myers has some amazing pinboards. I recommend checking all of them out, but her Facebook Marketing Tips board is worth calling out. She embraces the visual format of Pinterest, giving us bite size pieces of information about Facebook marketing, as well as more in-depth information about Facebook marketing if you click through on many of the pins.


4) Pinterest Marketing Education Board

I told you Louise had some awesome pinboards. She gets pretty meta with this one, using Pinterest to offer tips about Pinterest! Like her Facebook board, many pins' value lies in the content behind the pin, but she mixes in pins that also offer value right then and there in the visual content.


5) Branding Education Board

All Creative World has put together a lovely board about branding and logos -- if you fancy yourself more of a creative or brand strategist, you'll love checking out this board for some inspiration. May I recommend the unipug? (It's a unicorn pug. Duh.)


6) Graphics Education Board

Another board for the more creatively inclined (or those of us that would like to be), this board from Paul Biedermann has lovely examples of graphic icons for you to peruse. If you're able to make your own, use this as inspiration to inform your own artwork. If you're like me and have zero design skill, use this board to communicate with designers and show what type of icons you love. (Tip: These little icons are excellent for inclusion in ebooks and infographics!)


7) Typography Education Board

Paul Biedermann hits another home run with his Typographic Design board, which shows us "The art of designing with type, fonts, letterforms, and anything else alphabet-like." I love Paul's design boards because they provide the perfect mix of inspiration and education -- showing a novice like me how good design is supposed to look.


8) Web Design Education Board

Raise your hand if you've never been through a website redesign.

You're one of the lucky ones.

If you're going through one now, have one planned, or just want to look at great websites, this board from The Social Media Room is the one for you. I love watching people get really creative -- yet still functional -- with their websites. This board will provide the components of great digital design that will help make your site look amazing.


9) App Design Education Board

As the world gets more mobile, we all have to start learning how to incorporate mobile into our marketing. If the prospect seems daunting, this board, also from The Social Media Room, should help lower the barrier to entry.


10) Marketing Quotes & Inspiration Board

Finally, I don't think anyone would underestimate the importance of a little pick-me-up once in a while. The Purple Agency has done a lovely job compiling a board just for marketers, full of wisdom, quotes, and sayings that'll get you thinking -- and sometimes, just feeling better!


Which Pinterest boards do you love to follow to learn a little more about marketing? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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