How & When People Use Their Favorite Devices [Infographic]

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Lindsay Kolowich Cox
Lindsay Kolowich Cox




I know, I know. It's little depressing to think about how much time we spend staring at screens on a daily basis. Turns out the average person spends just under seven hours looking at a device screen every day -- whether it's their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV.

As discouraging as that is, it's important for marketers to understand how people are using all of their favorite devices to read, watch, and interact with content on the web.

For example, when do people move from using one device to the next sequentially, versus simultaneously?

Online shopping, for example, is often a multi-screen activity: A person might find something they like on their smartphone, put it in their cart, but then complete the order on a computer. Same with watching television: A person might watch a TV show, and then hop on social media via their smartphone to discuss what's happening.

The devices people choose to use and when they choose to use them are all important clues to consumer behavior that marketers like us can use to inform our online strategies. Check out the infographic below from and Gryffin to learn more about the statistics behind how people use their devices.


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