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Kristen Baker
Kristen Baker


In 2020, the number of monthly active users on Facebook was 2.74 billion.

Facebook Ad Software

Based on that statistic alone, it goes without saying that marketers need to be on Facebook.

And they are — in fact, in 2020, there were 10 million active advertisers using Facebook to promote their products and services.

But how can you ensure you're targeting your unique audience while also breaking through the noise of all of the other ads on Facebook?

With the help of Facebook ad software.

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Facebook Ad Software

Facebook ads are an effective way of getting in front of your target audience on the platform.

In this article, we'll review 1) what Facebook ad software is, 2) why it's important, and 3) popular ad tools to choose from.

Benefits of Facebook Ad Software

Here are examples of the beneficial features you get from using Facebook ad software.

  • Targeting and customer segmentation to help you reach your audience based on their behaviors, characteristics, and traits (e.g. location, demographics, age, past actions or purchases, languages).
  • Automation to expedite the processes of creating and sharing ads, data collection, and reporting.
  • Reporting to share, visualize, and analyze all of your Facebook ad and contact data.
  • Customization to create ads and CTAs that help you achieve your specific goals.
  • Ad creation for different points in the buyer's journey and for new and returning leads/ customers.
  • Integrations to connect your Facebook ads and data with other business, marketing, and social media tools.

By incorporating Facebook ad software in your strategy, you'll have the ability to tap into the benefits listed above and more.

1. HubSpot Ads Software

Best Facebook Ads tool for: Managing and creating personalized Facebook ad campaigns all within your CRM/ HubSpot.

Price: Free, $45/mo Starter, $800/mo Professional, $3,200/mo Enterprise

facebook ad software: hubspot ads software

With HubSpot Ads Software, you can use your CRM data to create and optimize customized and highly personalized ads for your target audience. Report on those ads to determine which are converting audience members into paying customers.

HubSpot offers direct integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Instagram so you can easily create, share, manage, and report on your ads all through one tool. Report on the ROI of individual ad campaigns across Facebook and those additional platforms.

HubSpot also has automated lead follow-up — meaning, once your ads do what they're supposed to (convert leads!), it automatically saves their contact details and routes those leads to the right reps on your team.

Pro Tip: Use HubSpot Ads Software to manage and personalize your Facebook Ads with your CRM data.

2. Facebook Ads

Best Facebook Ads tool for: Creating ads tailored to your target audience within Facebook on a pre-determined budget.

Price: You determine the price of Facebook Ads by deciding 1) how much you want to spend on your ads or 2) the cost of each result of your ads.

facebook ad software: facebook ads


Use Facebook Ads to tailor ads to your target audience by first selecting your business type and goal.

Facebook makes it easy to then create, publish, and edit ads, as well as track and share their performance across any of their platforms (e.g. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc).

Customize ads by selecting one of the six available formats as well as the specific audience you're going after based on their behaviors, characteristics, demographics, and more on the platform.

Stick to your ad budget on Facebook by setting a daily and/or lifetime budget and determining the amount of time your ads will run. As a result, you'll only spend the amount you set aside on your ads.

3. Qwaya

Best Facebook Ads tool for: Ensuring your target audience sees fresh ads on Facebook using the tool's automatic ad rotation feature.

Price: Plans starting at $149/mo

facebook ad software: qwaya

Qwaya is an ads tool for Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to identify the right audience segments for your ads with A/B testing and targeting criteria. The tool makes it easy to test ad types, ad placement, text, images, and more on Facebook.

Qwaya automatically manages your audience segments and ads for those segments¸— ads and audiences are placed in a "campaign and ad set" folder structure to keep all information organized accordingly. You can also automate the process of running your ads when your target audience is most likely to be on the platform (e.g. certain time of the day and/or week).

4. AdEspresso

Best Facebook Ads tool for: Split-testing Facebook ads and saving the most successful ads and creative elements for easy, future access.

Price: Plans starting at $49/mo (billed annually) for a $1,000/mo spend limit.

facebook ad software: adespresso

AdEspresso is an advertising platform by Hootsuite with features for ad creation and management across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

By making it easy to split test all aspects of your Facebook ads (e.g. creatives, headlines, images), AdEspresso helps ensure they'll reach and resonate with your target audience so you can increase conversions.

Once you determine which Facebook ads work best through split testing, save ads and creative elements in the tool for easy access across your team.

You can also bring your product catalog into AdEspresso to create dynamic ads for your individual products that are tailored to your audience. These relevant product ads will then be placed in front of your audience when they're most likely to convert.

5. SocialPilot

Best Facebook Ads tool for: Using a single social media marketing platform for Facebook ads and "boosting" those ads to increase their reach.

Price: Plans starting at $25.50/ mo for 10 social media accounts and one user.

facebook ad software: socialpilot


SocialPilot is a social media engagement platform with a tool meant specifically for Facebook ads. With this tool, you can create, schedule, and manage your Facebook ads.

With audience targeting, customizable CTAs, and dynamic ad content, SocialPilot helps you create Facebook ads that generate high-quality leads.

Use the "Boost Posts" feature (paid ads offered by Facebook) to increase the reach of your ads. Once you create your ad, select your audience, and set a budget, SocialPilot will publish the ad and immediately "boost" it for you to increase reach among your target audience.

Additionally, if the platform believes you've scheduled an ad that would do especially well with a "boost", SocialPilot will give you that suggestion.

6. Revealbot

Best Facebook Ads tool for: Merging multiple actions into individual automations to save you time and increase productivity when it comes to your Facebook ad strategy.

Price: Plans starting at $83/mo for maximum ad spend of $10,000/mo.

facebook ad software: revealbot

Revealbot is a Facebook ad automation and management tool. Use the drag-and-drop automation builder to establish automation for all parts of your Facebook ad strategy — you can set more than 20 actions for single automation to save you time.

Connect your external marketing and ad data to Revealbot to report on and analyze ads while maintaining a holistic view of your data.

Track and analyze ad data you care most about by creating unique and/or customized metrics and timeframes in your conditions. You can also use comparison conditions to compare and visualize metrics to better understand the performance of your ads.

7. Madgicx

Best Facebook Ads tool for: Using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize and automate your Facebook ads.

Price: Plans starting at $49/mo for up to $1000/ mo ad spend.

madgicx: facebook ad software:

Madgicx is an AI-powered, omnichannel advertising platform with a Facebook ad optimization and automation tool. Over 100 audience targeting options exist to help you develop a customized advertising strategy that covers every stage of the funnel.

Input your KPIs targets in Madgicx's PPC tool so it automatically optimizes your account. Meanwhile, the AI-powered creative intelligence feature analyzes the performance of your ads and creatives based on a variety of data points.

As a result, you'll have the information you need to target all of your buyer personas both effectively and efficiently.

Improve Upon your Campaign Strategy With Facebook Ad Software

Facebook ad software has the ability to help you create, optimize, and analyze your advertisements and campaigns on the platform. Begin improving upon your Facebook ad strategy by incorporating one of these tools.

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