A whitepaper from Cvent notes 80% of companies are convinced they provide a superior customer service. But only 8% of their customers agree.


Despite being on the business and marketing side, I see where people are coming from. For instance, the other day, I saw a commercial for one of the worst brands I've ever been a customer of ... and it was all about customer happiness. It made me cringe.

Then, the other day, my coworker had to call an Etsy shop to inquire about a shirt she ordered two weeks earlier and was, at the time, a day late for delivery. The shop's customer team then explained on the day she was expecting her shirt (which was the core component of her Halloween costume) that the shirts were on a two-month backorder. 

It's clear some companies aren't aware of just how poor customer service can lead to reputational damage. But if you're looking to ensure you delight your audience -- from visitors, to leads, to customers -- you've come to the right place. Today, we're going to provide you with a free PowerPoint template for creating ecards you can customize and share with your customers, fans, readers, and the like.

Shall we start customizing?

Note: Holiday ecards are not the solution to poor customer service. Messages like these will only enhance a customer experience already bubbling with value, help, and delight. 

A 3-Step Process for Creating Lovable Marketing Ecards

Our free ecard template (which you can download by simply clicking on the image on this page, no form-fill required!) has a collection of six different ecard templates. For this blog post, we'll customize number two from the collection (slide five). 


Step 1: Insert Custom Message

Add a brief message here that relates to the audience and channel you're sharing with. For example, I'm going to write this ecard for, well, you guys! The lovely readers and/or subscribers of this blog.

By the way, we truly do appreciate the loyal readers of our blog. We try our best to serve you great content, but it's your feedback, questions, and ideas that inspire us and help us improve what we do every day. 

Step 2: Insert Custom Image

While some of our templates allow you to add custom images, not all do! You can keep a simple background, pull from any one of our 200+ free holiday stock images, or simply add your own. Whatever you do, make it personalized and fun! In our example, we'll use a festive photo of two members of our HubSpot blogging team.

Step 3: Sign and Send

Once your ecard is customized, simply sign as your name or company. If you create a card as your company, consider adding your own logo! 

To save the card, go to File >> Save as Picture. Under "options" you can select to "Save Current Slide Only" to save only the ecard you customized.

Ready to start customizing ecards and spreading the holiday joy now through New Years? Simply go to hubspot.com/holiday to get download your ecard templates with just the click of a button.

download holiday ecard templates

Originally published Nov 1, 2013 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017