Funny Tweets & Social Media Examples From 17 Real Brands

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Lindsay Kolowich Cox
Lindsay Kolowich Cox



There are quite a few factors that go into what makes a brand "followable" in social media. Think about it from the follower's perspective: Why do you choose to 'Like' or follow certain brands on social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

It could be because they share valuable, educational content that appeals to your interests and needs. Or, it could be that they give you access to exclusive deals, coupons, or other promotions. Or, maybe they're just ridiculously funny.

Truthfully, the best brands to follow in social media should probably have a combination of all those characteristics. But I'd venture to say that many of you are following a brand simply for its entertainment value. (I know I am.) You know -- the brands that really tickle your funny bone and sometimes even make your sides hurt from laughter. 

And while it may not seem like a funny update has any value, surely there's value in showing off your personality and being a lovable brand, right?

So to help bring out your inner comedian, we've compiled a list of brands whose social media presence gives us the giggles. Check 'em out. 

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The Funniest Tweets & Social Media Examples From Funny Brands

1) Charmin

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

You mean the toilet paper company? Darn tootin'! Serving as the original inspiration for this post, Charmin's Twitter presence is definitely a must-follow. Just check out the following series of tweets to see what we mean. Charmin is a great example of a brand whose humor aligns with the products it sells. And don't you just love that #tweetfromtheseat hashtag?


Charmin Ultra Strong’s washcloth-like texture is great for keeping your “driveway” clean this winter.

Posted by Charmin on Monday, January 11, 2016

2) Taco Bell

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Taco Bell is known for using humor throughout their marketing and advertising, and their social media accounts are no different. From witty one-liners to clever photo updates, Taco Bell's Facebook and Twitter presence is sure to make you crack a smile -- even when they just tweet a whole bunch of taco emojis and call it a day.


Family portrait.

Posted by Taco Bell on Thursday, January 14, 2016

3) Innocent Drinks

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Innocent Drinks is one of my favorite brands to follow on Twitter and Facebook. They may be a smoothie and juice brand, but most of their social media posts aren't about smoothies or drinks at all. Check out the examples below to see what I mean. We've always admired them for their consistently lovable branding. They're silly, fun, clever, creative, and always stay true to their brand personality.


It’s Penguin Awareness Day today, so it’s important you’re aware which animals are penguins and which animals are not...

Posted by innocent on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Posted by innocent on Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Beavers?" If you're wondering what that's about, then you aren't alone. Here's an explanation -- which goes to show how clever their social strategy really is:

4) Old Spice

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Old Spice is known for their funny -- and often ridiculous -- marketing content. And what better place to let their freak flag fly than on social media? Just take a look at their "About" descriptions on Twitter, as well as a few of the silly posts to Twitter and Facebook below. (My favorite might be their making fun of Twitter polls.)



Thanks to Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection, he was finally free of sweat’s tyrannical rule, cellphone reception... gravity... and any remote chance of making his dental appointment at 3pm. #smellegendary

Posted by Old Spice on Saturday, January 9, 2016

5) JetBlue Airways

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Exceptional customer service isn't the only thing JetBlue does well on social media. They're also a great example of a brand that sprinkles in just a little humor throughout its social presence. Not everything JetBlue posts is necessarily laugh-out-loud funny, but the brand does a great job of infusing some of its humorous personality into its updates, balancing informational content with lighthearted updates like the Facebook post you see below.

Santa, Scrooge and a gingerbread man walk into an airport. #StopUsIfYouveHeardThisOne #LetsPlayAirport

Posted by JetBlue Airways on Monday, December 21, 2015

They're even known for being humorous in their replies to customers' tweets, when appropriate. Here's an example:


6) Mars Curiosity (NASA)

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

As in, the lunar rover. These NASA-run social media accounts feature sassy, first-person updates from the rover itself, who incorporates funny pop culture references and a bold attitude. And, oh yeah -- its Twitter account has more than 2.2 million followers, and its Facebook page has over 1.1 million fans. Not too shabby, NASA. 

True Confession: I double dipped. Testing the second of three planned sand scoops at Mars' Namib Dune. More info:

Posted by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover on Thursday, January 21, 2016

7) DiGiorno Pizza

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Remember that time in 2013 when DiGiorno Pizza live-tweeted NBC's The Sound of Music and broke the internet? Here, let me jog your memory:

So. Random. DiGiorno Pizza is one of the funniest (and downright strangest) brands to follow on Twitter. Their tweets are usually about completely random topics, which somehow tie back to pizza, cheese, delivery pizza, and so on. While their Facebook page is a whole lot tamer, there's also some good stuff in there. Their posts will have you thinking "...what?!" but laughing your butt off nonetheless.

8) A24

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

A24, the film studio that brought you Spring Breakers and The Bling Ring, has a refreshingly witty, edgy voice on its Twitter and Facebook pages that kind of sounds like your funniest friend posting his or her unfiltered musings. In fact, Zoe Beyer, the woman behind the Twitter account admitted she sometimes tweets things "with no regard for whether it’s relevant to anyone besides myself." She says, "This is probably bad practice, but I think the film industry in particular can be so opaque, it is nice to know there are actual human personalities behind these companies. That’s why, sometimes, I will tweet about exotic pets or the NBA. The idea is just to keep it authentic."

Their posts are a smattering of pop culture references and project promotions, which they manage to make really funny. Be warned, though: some of the language is NSFW.


⚠️ WARNING: May cause you to tear up the fucking dance floor

Posted by A24 on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

9) Wendy's

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

The key to social media success for the folks at Wendy's? Simple, hilarious, and kind of ... mindless content. Forbes describes their content best, I think: "Unbelievably dumb stuff that’s blow-milk-out-your-nose funny." Whether they create a graphic depicting plain fries dreaming about loaded fries or they're newsjacking #KissAGingerDay, Wendy's has tweets and Facebook posts that'll put a smile on your face.


PDA is perfectly acceptable today #KissAGingerDay

Posted by Wendy's on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Found the perfect place for this delicious, hickory-smoked pulled pork.

Posted by Wendy's on Friday, September 25, 2015

10) Moosejaw Mountaineering

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

The folks at Moosejaw Mountaineering call themselves "the most fun outdoor retailer on the planet," according to their Twitter description -- and they aren't lying. Their social media content is basically all funny stuff. Some is related to the outdoors, some isn't. Like A24, some of their Facebook posts sound like your best friend telling you an unfiltered story, like the MC Hammer example below.


MC Hammer came to me in a dream last night and told me that too legit to quit was based on Kant's categorical imperative. So there's that.

Posted by Moosejaw Mountaineering on Saturday, January 30, 2016

I get so hungry in the morning that I think something is wrong with me. Like I’m on Survivor and haven’t eaten for four...

Posted by Moosejaw Mountaineering on Monday, January 11, 2016

11) Zendesk

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

It can be hard for B2B companies to find the balance between humor and professionalism on social media. But Zendesk is one of the B2B brands that's really nailed it. The folks on their social team use humor to elevate their message, make their posts stand out from the crowd, and infuse some lighthearted fun into an otherwise (*furrows brow*) pretty serious B2B world.


The Multi-Step Zap is not a new dance move, but it can save your team loads of time. Zapier

Posted by Zendesk on Monday, February 1, 2016

12) Whole Foods

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Would you "Holla for Challah bread"? Whole Foods wants you to, and that's just one of its witty little Facebook updates. Mainly sharing recipe and food ideas through its Facebook page and Twitter feed, Whole Foods adds a dash of humor that makes it a lot more fun to follow than your average recipe source. We love their cheeky #HealthYeah hashtag, too.

13) Netflix

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Whether they're poking fun at the characters in their TV shows or quoting one of their comedies, Netflix is always posting a myriad of funny social media posts to their Twitter and Facebook Pages. Most of them include short clips or GIFs of their shows, which serve as great visual reminders that we need to get watchin'.

14) IMPACT Branding & Design

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Another B2B company to grace our list, HubSpot partner IMPACT Branding & Design definitely gets the value of comedy, offering a great balance of educational content and a few laughs every now and then on its Facebook page. While not every post from IMPACT is exactly a knee-slapper, it's a good reminder that a little humor can go a long way toward achieving likability.


15) Bissell

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Bissell, the vacuum cleaner company (who would've thought?), knows how to crack a joke from time to time on their Facebook and Twitter pages. What's great about Bissell's humor is that it never sacrifices brand relevancy, as is evident by these smartly funny posts.


You know what tonight is! Let loose and embrace the mess. We'll help you clean it up tomorrow.

Posted by BISSELL on Thursday, December 31, 2015

16) Skittles

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Skittles' social sense of humor is apparently all about being silly and ridiculous. But it definitely brings a smile to your face, doesn't it? Check out the examples below from Skittles' Facebook page and Twitter feed. They do a great job of using custom graphics to stand out in your feed.


Eating Skittles? I support your choices.

Posted by Skittles on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

17) KRAFT Mac & Cheese

See them on: Twitter | Facebook

Who knew elbow macaroni could be so funny? KRAFT Mac & Cheese's social media presence features noodle families, pokes fun at themselves for being such a casual and easy meal, and other mac 'n cheese humor. Oh, and we're really, really glad this packaging idea was a joke.


We recommend serving Kraft Deluxe in dishware that reflects its premium taste. It's almost as if Nambé designed the Butterfly Bowl with Kraft Deluxe in mind.

Posted by Kraft Macaroni & Cheese on Sunday, November 8, 2015

What other brands can't you help from following in social media, even for just a good laugh? Share with us in the comments.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in August 2012 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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