Google Rolls Out New Way for Nonprofits to Collect Donations

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Taylor Corrado
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google-one-todayToday, Google For Nonprofits opened up its mobile donation app, One Today, to all Android users in the U.S. They are now inviting nonprofits to register, create their own projects, and ultimately fundraise via mobile devices and social media.

Sounds like a nonprofit inbound marketer's dream, right? (Well, the dream is probably for the app to be available for iOS, too.) This post will walk you through exactly what One Today is, and how to use it for your cause marketing.

What is One Today, and why is it useful?

For Nonprofits: One Today is a mobile platform that allows your organization to create and feature projects and/or campaigns for which you’re looking for funding. The idea is that an impact can be made by just a $1 donation per day (hence the name). It's totally free to register your account. 


For Individuals: One Today is an Android only app (sorry iPhone users) that allows users to browse and learn about a different cause every day, donate to what inspires them, and amplify an organization’s impact by asking their friends and family via social media to match their $1 donation each day.


Users will receive donation receipts after each donation payment is made (the app does not charge users for each $1 donation, rather it groups pledges and asks users to confirm a credit card charge periodically via Google Wallet). For any donations over $250, users will receive a tax deduction certificate from Network For Good at the end of each year.

So, what are the benefits of joining One Today? Well, there's a few (besides how cool it looks):


  • It’s quick and easy. Once you are an approved Google for Nonprofits member, it takes only a few minutes to register and set up your first project.
  • It expands your donor base. One Today introduces your projects to those individuals that are most likely to donate to your cause because their friends and family have donated to similar organizations.
  • It raises awareness to a new audience. Your organization is able to tell your story to a new audience of technologically savvy individuals that care about causes related to yours. One Today learns what organization users like to support the more they give, so it’s tailored to users that are most likely to support your organization.
  • It creates a young, social movement around your fundraising. It gives your followers on social media and younger generations a new way to support your organization through the channels on which they are most comfortable.
  • It’s free to join One Today and Google for Nonprofits. Howeverthere is a small payment-processing fee of 1.9% on each donation.

What should your organization know about One Today?

One Today can help your organization fundraise in a new, socially driven way. To register for One Today, your organization must be a member of the Google for Nonprofits Program. To register for Google for Nonprofits, you must be a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the US.. or an organization in the United Kingdom. To apply for a Google for Nonprofits membership, go here and follow the basic steps below. Make sure to review the eligibility requirements before applying, as some types of organizations are not eligible.


Once you are approved as a Google for Nonprofits member, you will have access to all of Google’s Nonprofit products, including One Today, Google Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits, Google Earth Outreach Grants, and Google Apps for Nonprofits. Google also provides great product tutorial videos of how all their products can benefit your organization and how you can use them.

How does One Today work?

One Today connects individuals with causes that they are most likely interested in. Then, each day the app will highlight projects from organizations like yours. Users can then donate to a project of their choosing and share their generosity with their social networks, amplifying your projects' reach and hopefully bringing in more $1 donations. Users are only able to donate $1 at a time, which really encourages them to share it socially and encourage user matching.

Projects on One Today are meant to show the impact of a simple, $1 donation. Showing the proof of what someone’s small donation equates to is very important when trying to attract the younger Millennial generation to support your mission.


Once donations accumulate, your organization will receive a check each month from One Today’s payment processing partner, Network For Good. While individuals are giving to a specific project, your nonprofit is not required to dedicate those funds raised through One Today to that particular project. However, it would be beneficial to show the impact of those users donating through the app on your blog or on your website in the future to show the proof of your organization’s work.

One Today is an accessible, forward thinking channel for organization’s looking to engage donors -- particularly Millennials -- through mobile and micro donations. Let us know if you take advantage of it, and how it's working for your nonprofit.

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