How to Change the Thumbnail Images for Your Facebook Page Tabs [Quick Tip]

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan




Editor's Note: Facebook no longer supports the ability to add thumbnails to your page's tabs. Click here for a more up-to-date post about how to customize your Facebook Page.

Remember back when Facebook introduced the new Timeline design for Facebook Pages in February 2012, and we all scrambled to modify our business pages to mesh with the new design?

I honestly can't believe it was that long ago, but we all rushed to create and add Cover Photos; star, hide, and pin content within our Pages' Timelines; and organize our Pages' Apps toolbar.

Those Apps were the successor of what you might remember as tabs on your Facebook Page -- although many of us still fondly refer to them that way. 

Here's how they used to look:


And here's how they look now:


What's this little trip down memory lane all about, you ask? Well, we put all that work into setting up those icons pictured for our Apps toolbar back in early 2012 -- but I'm willing to bet that many of us haven't touched them since. So how about we all take a few minutes to give our Facebook Pages a little facelift? 

(Don't have your Apps set up in the first place? Read this post to learn how to set up custom tabs for your Facebook Page. The Photos view will automatically appear first, and you can display a total of 12 Apps on your page in whatever order you choose.)

How to Change Your Facebook Page App Photos 

1) Visit your Facebook Page and click the triangular drop-down icon next to your Apps, right below your Cover Photo. 


2) Hover over the app photo you want to change, click the pencil edit icon, and choose 'Edit Settings.' 


3) On the next screen, click 'Change' next to 'Custom Tab Image.'


4) This will open a new tab in your browser. Hover your mouse over the current photo, and click the pencil edit icon.


5) Choose a new image file from your computer, and upload!

As Facebook specifies, your image size needs to be 111 x 74 pixels, and cannot exceed 5 MB. 


Voila! A brand new photo for your Apps toolbar. Easy as that. :)

Note: You may find that, for certain apps, the app's developer has made it so the image is not customizable. If you're unable to change the photo for specific apps, this is why.

When was the last time you gave your Facebook Page a little facelift?

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