How to Embed a Facebook Post [Quick Tip]

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Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



A few weeks ago, Facebook started testing a cool new feature: Facebook embedded posts. We wrote about it, we were pumped about it, but we were also a little bummed -- because it was one of those rollouts we couldn't start playing with yet. They were doing one of those slooooow rollouts, where only big important people like CNN and the Huffington Post get to experiment. (It's okay, we're not mad. We obviously still love Arianna.)

But today we can all -- you, me, and your mother -- play around with Facebook embedded posts! And it's a good thing they waited a bit, because they fine tuned some of the features, too. Here's how to embed a Facebook post.

How to Embed a Facebook Post

First, find the post you want to embed. Let's grab one that highlights a quote from Arianna Huffington's INBOUND keynote.

1) Hover over the post in the top right corner, and you'll see a gray arrow appear. Click that gray arrow, and select 'Embed Post.'

facebook embed post

2) Then, grab the embed code. It'll already be highlighted, so just right click and hit 'Copy.'

embed a post on facebook

3) Then, go to your website's source code and find the place you'd like to embed the post.

For instance, I want to embed this on our blog, so here I am, in our blog's source code, gettin' my embed on. 

(Note: HubSpot customers can also simply click Insert --> Media.)

facebook post embed

And voila! Here's your embedded Facebook post:


You can share right from the post, and if you click into it to engage more, it'll lead you to Facebook. Pretty cool, eh? I messed around with how to center it, and it looks like there is no way. (At least nothing I could hack.) When I checked out Facebook's post about embedded tweets, they said, "Currently, you cannot customize how Embedded Posts are displayed on your page. The size of the post is fixed to the same dimensions as it's shown on Facebook."

So, while they addressed size, specifically, maybe they're also addressing alignment in that statement, too. If anyone has figured out how to center align these bad boys, let me know, and I will update the post's instructions!

How will you use Facebook's new embedded post feature? Share your creative ideas!

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