Why Infographics Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy [Infographic]

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Amanda Zantal-Wiener
Amanda Zantal-Wiener



How the heck can you use an image for search optimization?

It might be simpler than you think. You see, there's something about the way an infographic conveys content -- from its customization to its digestible format -- that both grabs and holds people's attention, and makes them highly sharable. But how does it work? And how can you use infographics for your own SEO strategy?

As it turns out, the good folks over at SerpLogic know a thing or two about both search optimization and infographics. They've hunted down the things that make these informative images so valuable for SEO, and created a six-step approach to creating the infographics that are most likely to show success in this area.Download our free planner to learn how to step up your SEO traffic in just 30  days.

So, want to reach more viewers? Paint them a picture -- and check out the infographic below to learn how to make it optimally educational. 

Infographics for SEO Strategy.jpg

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