7 Schools That Are Totally Rocking Their LinkedIn University Pages

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LinkedIn has opened its doors to high school students in search of college degrees, and schools have responded positively by creating engaging and informative LinkedIn University Pages. Aside from great marketing material, these pages are also a great community for your students, alumni, and staff members to share information about their experiences on campus. 

university linkedin pages

As a university, you can share a ton of helpful information, including what industries your alumni work in, general university information like tuition and population, as well as LinkedIn Groups for prospective students to ask questions. 

Since the launch of Universities Pages, hundreds of schools have created pages and communities around their schools. These seven, in particular, have done an exceptional job engaging their network in unique and effective ways. Take a look:

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1) Arizona State University

ASU uses their LinkedIn pages to share information about their student programs, including study abroad programs, as well as images of their most enthusiastic sports fan in their "fan photos of the week" posts and even fun contests to guess where photos are taken. These posts are geared toward current students, and promoting on-campus activities and school spirit.

Arizona State University linkedin post

This page is great, because it helps to give high school students an idea of what campus life is like at ASU.

2) University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley allows both their alumni and students to post on their LinkedIn page. The content includes industry news, campus event information, and highlights of college milestones, like CalDay. CalDay is held once a year for one day -- when the school opens its doors to let outsiders attend lectures, performances, and take tours of the campus to get a feel of the university.

A great video was shared on the school's page last week:

3) Penn State University

Penn State uses their LinkedIn University Page bio section to share what they do best. They highlight five points of what the school prides itself on, including leadership education, access via several campuses, counseling services, a vast network of alumni, and the dedication of their staff members. This brief overview of the school gives you a short but insightful look into what it's like to attend Penn State. 

Penn State University About Us LinkedIn page

4) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Urbana-Champaign uses LinkedIn in variety of ways, including posting articles about career advice, school news, and highlights of successful alums. For instance, one alumni was featured because of her successful bakery and cafe:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alumni post

5) New York University

NYU not only shares information and promotes its events, it also uses its LinkedIn University Page to interact with students online. They offer advice to those asking questions about programs or ways to engage with alumni. This is a great way to keep communication with your community open through a social media channel. You can even set your Page wall to allow questions and comments from followers:

New York University LinkedIn comment

6) University of Washington

Strong career opportunities are important to your school's community. University of Washington takes advantage of their online community and has a "Job post of the week" where they promote an opening within the school's administration. Knowing its audience has a high population of alumni working in education (based on the LinkedIn profile information available to them), the school is able to recruit alumni to come back and work at their alma mater. 

University of Washington job post

7) The University of Texas Austin

Videos are a great piece of content to promote your school to high school students. And featuring this video on your public LinkedIn Page is an effective way to share your content with an interested audience. University of Texas Austin has its "Transforming Education" video featured on its LinkedIn Page:

Featuring content from your school's blog and marketing department is another great way to drive traffic to your school's website for students to learn more.

So, how does your school use its LinkedIn University Page?

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