10 of the Most Stylish Facebook Cover Photos You've Ever Seen

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In your inbound efforts, you obviously want to get across the value prop of your company and make it clear exactly what it is you're selling. However, you also want to build a pretty big social media following and gain some accolades for having quality social channels. One way you can master your Facebook marketing is to dress up your Business Page and make it aesthetically attractive.

Yes, yes, I know -- this isn't exactly priority number one for you. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend at least some time making your social channels stand out and look stylish.Free Templates: Facebook Cover Photos for Businesses

While there's plenty of data out there that explains why people visit brands' social pages -- quality content, promotions, brand interaction, etc. -- social users historically tend to drift toward accounts with beautiful design, breathtaking imagery, and even cool typography.

Want to see some examples of what I'm talking about? Take a look below and you'll find some Facebook business pages that have some pretty fantastic cover photos -- ones that could gain these brands some extra attention just by virtue of lookin' good.

10 Awesome-Looking Facebook Cover Photos From Brands Big and Small

1) Mercedes Benz

Muted color scheme. Impressive wide-angle view of a vast and intriguing landscape. Oh, and a pretty chic-looking car, too. Mercedes certainly proves with this photo it knows how to grab people's attention.


2) Converse

Converse's latest campaign is at the forefront of its Facebook page. The appeal to younger generations (or as I call them, "youths") is evident in this image that certainly raises the viewer's level of curiosity and wonder.


3) Pepsi

While the "Hey-look-everyone's-having-a-good-time!" message in this image from Pepsi's page may be a bit trite, the bright colors and target demo being featured in the photos certainly does what the soda-maker intended: makes viewers' eyes gravitate to the relatable imagery.


4) Spotify

Simple, direct, and impactful -- those are the first three words that come to mind when gazing at Spotify's incredible concert photo. We've all been to see bands before, and we're reminded how memorable those experiences can be with the view of this seemingly sold-out rock show below.


5) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

A common theme among modern Facebook pages -- for both brands and consumers alike -- is to align their cover photos with their profile pics. A prime example is this elegant and appealing image below from KLM. Who doesn't smile when they get a glance at clear, blue skies?


6) Stephi's on Tremont

A local fave of mine in Boston is Stephi's, and the restaurant just so happens to highlight another venue I adore -- Boston Common -- in its cover photo. While not directly related to its business, the image is undoubtedly attractive -- possibly enough so to entice those viewing its page to travel to the city to check out the eatery.



IDEO is certainly one of the most innovative companies out there today, and this photo epitomizes that creativity (along with a wonderful sense of humor). This image relays the company's willingness to relate to its audience -- anyone and everyone who loves being creative.


8) Formlabs

3D printing is all the rage this year, and one of the forces behind this trend -- Formlabs -- gives page visitors a sneak peek into its capabilities with this rendering of the Eiffel Tower. A bit of old-world-meets-new-world that leaves viewers in awe (and wondering how the heck these companies do this).


9) Vogue Magazine

You can't go wrong with an insanely good photo of one of the best actresses working today (Jessica Chastain, for those who don't know). This pic exemplifies the types of photos Vogue readers see in every issue: ones that are gorgeous, truly unique, and of the highest quality.


10) The New Yorker

One of the most esteemed national publications features a cover image on its Facebook page that harkens back to the magazine's early days and represents the style its maintained to this day. The New Yorker's drawings are a core part of its essence, meaning this is the ideal image to showcase to its social followers.


Know of any other great-looking Facebook cover photos from some well-known and not-so-well-known brands? By all means -- share 'em below! 

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