Top 5 Video Marketing Challenges in 2023 [New Data]

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Video marketers report that it offers the highest ROI of any media format, but those who use it still face challenges with the strategy.

top video marketing challenges

The HubSpot Blog Video Marketing Report surveyed 500+ video marketers and asked them about their top challenges, and we’ve compiled them in this post. Read on to learn what marketers are dealing with and how to overcome them in your strategy.

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Top Video Marketing Challenges in 2023

The top five video marketing challenges are:

  1. Lack of time to create video content.
  2. Difficulty creating an effective video strategy.
  3. Inadequate budget to create video content.
  4. Difficulty with the video creation process (producing, filming, editing videos).
  5. Lack of content ideas.

graph displaying the top video marketing challenges faced by video marketersLet’s go more in-depth into each of these challenges and how you can address them if you also struggle with them.

1. Lack of time to create video content.

Marketers wear many hats and create multiple different types of content on multiple channels, so it makes sense that finding the time to balance everything can be a challenge.

As a result, it’s no surprise that lacking time to create video content is the top reported challenge for video marketers. When it comes to a lack of time, they also note that the most consuming part is pre-production, which involves coming up with ideas, writing a transcript, casting, etc.

One of the best ways to remedy a lack of time to create video content is to have an effective video strategy.

2. Difficulty creating an effective video strategy.

A video strategy can be crucial to success for video marketers. Still, those who already leverage the format say that it is the second most challenging part of video marketing.

If you’re hoping to overcome this challenge, the process for creating a video marketing strategy is similar to all others: identify your target audience, align with relevant stakeholders, create timelines and budgets, choose distribution channels, develop messaging, and decide on how you’ll track success.

Marketers say that some additional factors to consider when creating your strategy are:

  • How you’ll effectively promote your video content.
  • How you’ll capture attention in the first few seconds.
  • How you’ll keep your videos short and concise.

graph displaying effective strategies for generating leads from marketing videos

3. Inadequate budget to create video content.

A video marketing budget accounts for everything that goes into the video creation process, from storyboarding to promoting your videos to get a high ROI.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a budget, here is how marketers often break down theirs:

  • 24% is dedicated to production,
  • 20% is dedicated to pre-production,
  • 20% is dedicated to post-production.

video marketing budget

4. Difficulty with the video creation process (producing, filming, editing videos).

Our survey found the following tips from marketers when it comes to the video creation process:

  • Investing in your own video equipment is worthwhile in the long run, as 62% of marketers who own equipment describe the creation process as “easy.”
  • The most popular video editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • 44% of marketers use an iPhone as their primary camera for video content.

Some other ways to make the video creation process run more smoothly are to create a script and prepare your shot list, organize your studio ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need, and prep talent by giving them the script ahead of time.

5. Lack of content ideas.

29% of marketers say that a lack of content ideas is a significant marketing challenge. Here are some high-quality and effective content ideas if you’re struggling with the same issue:

  • Content showcasing products or services has the highest ROI, according to marketers who use it.
  • Content showcasing your brand’s values is the second most leveraged type of content and the second most effective at generating leads and engagement.
  • Trendy content related to cultural moments and news stories gets significant engagement.
  • Relatable content is on the rise for the newest investments in 2022.

Consumers like watching videos, so meet them where they already are.

Consumers’ habits clearly show that video is a top-consumed and enjoyed media format. As a result, overcoming the common video marketing challenges will help you meet audience demand, generate engagement, and leave a lasting impression.


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